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Courses 2017

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01 April swissFOCUS introduction to umpiring Geneva 10.30-4pm
08 April swissFOCUS introduction to umpiring Winterthur 10.30-4pm

Available courses

swissFOCUS introduction to umpiring

This an entry level introduction to umpiring. No previous umpiring experience is necessary, but on successful completion of the course and the examination, participants will be qualified to umpire Swiss domestic competitive Twenty20 & 40 over matches. 

This course concentrates on those Laws and local Rules & Regulations that are applicable to Swiss domestic cricket.

ICC Europe Level 1 Qualification

This is your first step to attaining an internationally recognised umpiring qualification.

Having attended a swissFOCUS entry level introduction to umpiring course is a requisite.

This is the first international level of umpire qualification and  ICC Europe has worked closely with the England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Official s (ECB ACO) to design this course.

The premise behind the syllabus for this course is that the umpire is taught those Laws that are of a practical nature and limited to one-day & limited over cricket.

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ICC Europe Level 1a Qualification

This qualification is aimed at those umpires who aspire to the top level of their league structure and aspire to be nominated for the ICC European Panel.
This is a follow-up course to the Level 1 and is a discussion style course that explores the knowledge and experiences that the umpire has gained from passing Level 1 and umpiring matches. The Laws covered are those from the Level 1, but the emphasis is on student participation, rather than tutor led lectures.

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Past courses

Date Course name Location Details
17.08.2016 Scoring basics Zurich 10-12noon
08.08.2016 Scoring basics Zurich 9-11am
09.04.2016 swissFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Berne 10-4pm
17.04.2016 swissFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Geneva 10-4pm
25.04.2015 swissFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Geneva 10-4pm
19.02.2014 sFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Geneva  
10.05.2014 sFOCUS scoring basics Geneva cancelled
16.03.2013 sFOCUS Introduction to Scoring Kantonschule Hottingen  
06.04.2013 sFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring    Kantonschule Hottingen  
27.04.2013 sFOCUS Introduction to Scoring  Berne   
31.08.2013 sFOCUS scoring basics Berne  
25.03.2012 sFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Geneva available here
05.05.2012 sFOCUS Introduction to Umpiring Hotel Walhalla, Zürich postponed
02.06.2012 sFOCUS Introduction to Scoring Berne available here
07.05.2011 sFOCUS Introduction to umpiring Hotel Walhalla details
28-30.10.2011 ECB ACO Level One umpiring course  Hotel Walhalla details
10.04.2010 sFOCUS Introduction to umpiring NewImpact, Berne  
07-09.12.2009 ACU&S GL6 Hotel Banana City  
14.07.2007 sFOCUS Introduction to umpiring Dietlikon, Zurich  
10.03.2007 sFOCUS Introduction to umpiring Bucholz, Uster