SwizT Watches produce high quality time pieces that have been designed and manufactured in Switzerland to a high technical standard. The Cover Drive range of watches are not only Swiss made, but also celebrate the world popular sport of cricket.

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“Cricket has been played for over two hundred years and this long tradition is honoured by the excellent work achieved by Cricket Switzerland to maintain, develop and popularise the sport.

An association with Cricket Switzerland was a natural fit for us,” said Brian Sturgess from SwizT Watches. Brian was pragmatic about the cricketing scene in Switzerland, “Although Switzerland is not the largest cricketing nation the sport is played in the country by enthusiasts with close national and family ties to the big cricket markets. As Official Timekeeper to Cricket Switzerland we can both showcase our Swiss made watches to the world while simultaneously supporting the development of cricket in Switzerland. Members of Cricket Switzerland who buy and wear these elegant cricket themed timepieces will be contributing to the growth in the sport.”

The partnership also gives the ‘Swiss’ element to the expat sport ‘cricket’.

Rajan Thambehalli, responsible for Cricket Switzerland’s sponsorship affairs, explained: “Timekeeping is at the core of Switzerland’s DNA. We are excited about this partnership with SwizT Watches. SwizT Watches know about cricket and work closely with Sri Lankan cricket and that certainly helps us to talk about the sport and explore common grounds moving forward.”

SwizT watches are also the shirt spnsor for the Swiss coloured strip
SwizT watches are also the shirt spnsor for the Swiss coloured strip

There is time involved in cricket and as an official one must keep tabs on the watch since weather plays an important role here in Switzerland.


Alexander Mackay, the president of Cricket Switzerland said, “Timing is essential in cricket. Whether it involves match start times, fall of wickets, length of breaks & interruptions or how long an over takes. And I very pleased to have an ideal partner in SwizT.
We look forward to seeing and enjoying the complete range of elegant and accurate watches from SwizT, the official timekeeper for Cricket Switzerland.”

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