Accidents & injuries in cricket are commonplace. Dislocated fingers, bruising, sprains, torn muscles or ligaments and even sun-burn are all very familiar to us all. As in any sport, we have a responsib ility to ouzr members and should be prepared for at least the most common ailments.

The company Cool Down AG produces a unique ice fluid (with associated products) that are very effective against bruising, sprains, pulled or torn muscles or ligaments, sun burn, migraine, tennis-elbow, tendonitis, knee pains etc., speeding up the healing process by up to 70%.
It is extremely easy to apply, is completely safe and works more effectively than cooling sprays.

Once applied the elasticised bandage holds everything in place, enabling the player to return to the field and continue playing in little pain, while the product continues to work.


You can order any Cool-Down products directly from Cool Down either from the Cool-Down website or by 'phone or email (don't forget to mention CRICKET in your order):

cool down ag

Postfach 190

8572 Berg


P: 071 620 20 66

F: 071 636 25 43



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For further questions contact Patrick Henderson or contact Cool Down.

Swiss pioneers in medical cooling solutions
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