International player profile

Tom Mampilly

Swiss player profile - Tom Mampilly
Swiss player profile - Tom Mampilly

Full name: Tom Mampilly

Swiss Club: Winterthur CC

DOB: 01.12.1983

POB: Kerala, India

Nationality: Swiss

Individual club statistics: not available

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Tom has been playing for Swiss National team since 2013 and is also the Captain of Winterthur Cricket Club.
He is a WicketKeeper/Right handed batsman. He is chirpy, agile and known for his acrobatic dives and fast stumping. Tom has been a reliable middle order batsman for the Swiss national team over the last 3 years, Tom's match winning 72 (85) in the final versus Poland in 2015 ODI is a notable performance.

Major achievements include:

  • Most Valuable Player for Switzerland Vs Poland finals in Central Eastern European ODI Cup 2015.
  • Man of the match for Winterthur Cricket  Club Vs Czech Presidents XI in the Pepsi Prague T20 Cup 2015.