Cricket Switzerland Premier League

Season 2021

Teams from across the country compete in the Cricket Switzerland Premier League, a 40 over cricket league format competition with geographically spilt divisions making up the qualification rounds & the top teams from each division progress to a quarter-final stage.

In 2021 it is proposed to alter the format, creating one nationwide premier league and two regional division ones.

The winner will be the team finishing top of the premier league while there will be promotion/relegation play-offs for the for bottom placed teams.


There while be prize money for the champions and for the runners-up.

The Cricket Switzerland Premier League is run under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland and in accordance with Cricket Switzerland's 2019 40 over competition rules & regulations.

The draw for the 2021 Cricket Switzerland Premier 40 over League (CSPL) competition was made on Monday 1st March 2021.

CSPL past winners

                                     Year       Winners               Runners-Up         
  2021 Cossonay CC Geneva CC
  2020 Geneva CC St Gallen CC
  2019 Nomads CC Zurich Crickets CC
  2018 St Gallen CC Olten CC
  2017 Nomads CC Olten CC
  2016 Nomads CC Olten CC
  2015 Power CC Nomads CC
  2014 Nomads CC Power CC
  2013 Olten CC Berne CC
  2012 Geneva XI Stars Olten CC
  2011 Berne CC Geneva XI Stars
  2010 Berne CC Olten CC
  2009 Power CC Berne CC
  2008 Nomads CC Royal Zurich CC
  2007 United CC Nomads CC
  2006 Berne C Geneva CC
  2005 Geneva CC Nomads CC
  2004 Geneva CC Nomads CC
  2003 United CC Berne CC
  2002 Winterthur CC Geneva CC
  2001 Berne CC United CC
  2000 Winterthur CC Berne CC
  1999 Berne CC Geneva CC
  1998 Prince CC Berne CC
  1997 Berne CC Basel CC
  1996 Alpine CC Berne CC