Cricket Switzerland

Women's development report 2020

by Veena Mampilly

In 2020 the onset of the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic led to little or no training sessions or other meetings. While this was the most critical factor in the pause in women’s cricket development in Switzerland, it had already become evident that there were differing expectations and desires among the group of active female cricketers about how to proceed with cricket training and playing.
This has a serious impact for women’s cricket in Switzerland and critically to Cricket Switzerland’s ICC medium-term ambitions. One of the major membership criteria is to have an active women’s cricket scene, or at the least, to demonstrate a pathway on how the association intends to accomplish this.
On the bright side, a nucleus of cricketers from the now-defunct Zurich Sapphires club are willing to continue via membership of another existing Cricket Switzerland club and several other clubs have active or potentially active players, such that a re-birth is planned for 2021, albeit under different arrangements.

Veena Mampilly

Women's Development Officer

Cricket Switzerland