Cricket Switzerland

Treasurer's report 2020

by Clive Denney

I should be reporting on the progress against plan of the 2020 budget provisions. COVID-19, however, caused abandonment of plan before the season had even commenced!
A dream start in 2020? Well, adherence to COVID regulations delayed the start of the season, consequently CSPL was reduced to a knock-out competition, and indeed 3 teams elected not to play competitive cricket at all in 2020. This had a significant impact on anticipated revenue.
Nevertheless, I would extend sincere thanks to ALL clubs and associations in ensuring at least all CS registration fees were paid in full, thus ensuring Cricket Switzerland member numbers for Swiss Olympic, and ICC in particular, could go unchallenged.
So, finally in June the 2020 Season did get off to a Dream start – a ‘Dream 11 T10’ competition to be precise. Initially, the event was cost prohibitive, but on securing significant sponsorship from Stadt St. Gallen, the European Cricket League (ECL) and, also, securing a little advertising revenue, we determined to proceed. Indeed, ECL even secured use of boundary LED advertising hoardings at no cost to CS (rental costed at CHF50’000), which provided the ‘touch of class’ to set our event apart from other Dream 11 events held throughout Europe. So impressed was Stadt St. Gallen, the cost of both stadium hire and parking fees was ultimately waived, allowing CS to make a modest profit on the event of CHF3’200.
Accordingly, CS extends its sincere thanks to both Stadt St. Gallen and ECL for their invaluable support. But thanks need also go to Gastrag AG, Swiss Olympic, & St. Moritz CC, each still honouring 2020 sponsorship commitments in full regardless of COVID impact.
Nevertheless, budgeted revenue receipts reduced by circa CHF12’700 overall.
From an expenditure perspective, however, the timing of COVID lockdowns was quite fortuitous. In preceding the need for most commitments to be made (other than cricket ball purchase), cost adjustments consequential to the delay of Pickwick, the curtailment of CSPL, the cancellation of all National XI tours, and abandonment of training ambitions (other than already completed ECB ACO 1), a reduction in expenditure of some CHF14’000 was achieved, meaning overall a net reduction of just CHF 333 in Cricket Switzerland’s year-end balance (2020 vs 2019).

Looking to 2021, our clear priority is to re-join the ICC. As others have reported, and in fact aided by the ICC, our application has been submitted and awaits consideration. Key to continued ICC membership, however, is a clear programme for development of the women’s game (though should be a priority regardless) - thus in anticipation of a successful application, provision for women’s development has been significantly increased.
Looking to 2021 and beyond, a provision of CHF6’000 has been made to support a proposal for the re-branding of Cricket Switzerland. Subject to AGM ratification, the aim is to make the CS brand much more attractive to potential sponsors, particularly on the back of (assumed) ICC membership. Associated with this deal, is also a proposal to single source all playing kit for all teams at significantly discounted prices and without charge for the National XI, Juniors, & Women. As we move back onto the international stage, with global streaming playing an ever-increasing role, we should be keen to represent Swiss cricket in a consistent and professional manor - standardised clothing would be a key element. A deal is far from done, however, and may need to wait until 2022 at the earliest; further updates will follow.
Other than with increased provisions to cover the 2020 AGM’s commitment for greater support to the National XI, the encouragement of umpire development through payment of match fees and travel expenses, and renewed training efforts, the 2021 budget otherwise simply reflects our costs of previous years.
With regards to income, for 2021 sponsorship which comprises less than 7% of our income, will reduce by CHF 500; it is clearly increasingly imperative that additional sources of funding are identified to reduce the cost burden necessarily falling upon our membership. Any ideas / opportunities put forward from the floor will be gratefully received.
With fees from a potential 5 additional members this season easing cost pressure slightly, it is proposed that only CSPL competition fees are revised – increasing to CHF400 p.a., whilst fees for the new CSNL are reduced to CHF300 p.a.
All other registration and competition fees to again remain unchanged for the 2021 Season.
Subject to AGM approval, therefore, the projected year-end balance would be a still reasonably healthy CHF 8’695.


Clive Denney

Honorary Treasurer

Cricket Switzerland