Cricket Switzerland

Sponsorship report 2020

by Clive Denney

For 2020, I would invite Cricket Switzerland members to again extend thanks to our three regular sponsors who remained committed to supporting Cricket Switzerland, viz: Swiss Olympic, Gastrag AG (i.e. Pickwick) and St. Moritz CC.


Junior cricket also relied on traditional sponsorship but which, beyond direct parental contributions, is reduced to a single source – Specogna - but for which there is increasing concern with regards to the longevity of this relationship.

Cricket Switzerland remains in dire need of identifying new sources of sponsorship.

It is then perhaps ironic that at a time of greatest uncertainty, the real worth of Cricket Switzerland as a brand began to take form.

Though in its support of the season opening ‘Dream 11 T10’ held in St. Gallen to the extent it did, the European Cricket League were undoubtedly using Cricket Switzerland to satisfy its own contractual commitments, the sum negotiated (plus loan of advertising hoardings with a rental value of CHF 50’000) was unprecedented.

Additionally, an initial contribution from Stadt St. Gallen rose three-fold consequential to both the overall success of the event, as well as Stadt St. Gallen’s acknowledgement for the respect and behaviour of all participants in adhering all to COVID and other stadium restrictions.  Take a bow, all T10 participants.



For 2021, funds have already been received from Swiss Olympic; Gastrag AG have again indicated their continued commitment (though the formal agreement and funds unusually remain outstanding at this time); but, unfortunately, the St. Moritz CC fund raising event (‘Cricket-on-Ice’) has necessarily been cancelled this year.

Advertising (use of T10 hoardings) also attracted several one-off contributions from a variety of businesses, plus, notably, several enquiries were received with regards to more general sponsorship opportunities, so there really are potential sources of sponsorship, waiting to be unlocked.


So, for 2021, further negotiations have yet failed to land any further deals, though several are ‘simmering’; but what has become crystal clear is three-fold;

  1. Cricket Switzerland must have a deliverable that extends beyond the handful of spectators that may turn out to watch any single game. To this end, the efforts of Cossonay CC and Winterthur CC (and others) to explore streaming opportunities are to be greatly encouraged;
  2. Cricket Switzerland must look and represent itself in a totally professional manner – for example, multiple comments were made regarding the inconsistency of team clothing worn at the Dream 11 T10 and streamed worldwide – a greater pride need be taken by all members in how Cricket Switzerland is represented at all levels;
  3. ICC membership, and a global presence, is key to unlocking significant additional  sponsorship opportunities.

To this end, the Executive is currently exploring both the re-branding of Cricket Switzerland and active hosting of its website that would more proactively support the needs of potential sponsors, and is additionally looking to broker a single source kit deal, effective 2022, for all members so as to guarantee a consistent ‘look and feel’ across all Swiss clubs. Financial pressure would additionally be eased on all members as National XI, Junior, and Women’s kit would be ‘gifted’ under any proposed deal.

The Executive will shortly be reaching out to all members in order to scope this potential kit deal more fully.

Shorter term, Cricket Switzerland is registered under the ‘Migros Support your Sport’ programme, and all members that are not supporting individual clubs directly, are urged to gather the Migros Vouchers and redeem for Cricket Switzerland.

Finally, for 2021 Cricket Switzerland will be partnering with ‘Guidle’ the partner of choice for advertising events of many parishes & counties across Switzerland, and by integrating CricHQ data, all upcoming cricket matches (and results) taking place across Switzerland throughout the summer will be published nationally.

Clive Denney

Honorary Treasurer

Cricket Switzerland