Cricket Switzerland

Secretary's report 2020

by Ken McKeown (Honorary Secretary)

This is a summary report on the administration of Cricket Switzerland in Season 2020. For the purposes of this report, activities and meetings that took place between the AGM of 2020 and the AGM of 2021 are included. Full details of all key decisions taken are to be found in the official meeting records.
Cricket Switzerland members were kept informed on a regular basis of developments chiefly via the Cricket Switzerland website, in Newsletters and during the various meetings.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The seventh Cricket Switzerland general meeting since the creation of the organisation in 2014 was held in Berne on 29 February 2020.
Aargau CC was accorded Associate status, having been an Affiliate member for the previous twelve months.
Novartis CC and Pakhtoon Zalmi CC were welcomed as new Affiliate members.
The minutes of the AGM contain details of the discussions and decisions.


The Council is required to meet at least at least once each year about one month prior to the start of each season.
The Council met for the first time in Season 2020 on 29 February. It met again (remotely) on 20 October 2020.
Council adopted the National Development Plan for Season 2020-2023.
The minutes of the Council meetings contain details of the discussions and decisions.
Council meeting minutes are considered and approved by the subsequent Council.

Executive Committee

The EC managed the affairs of Cricket Switzerland in accordance with its Constitution and in line with the decisions and instructions of the IGM and the Council.

In 2020 the members were:
President - Alexander Mackay
Vice President - Abraham Koshy
Honorary Secretary - Kenneth McKeown
Honorary Treasurer - Clive-William Denney
Competitions Chairman - Asvin Lakkaraju
International Match Manager - Christopher Lodge
Youth Development Officer - Michael Hall
Sponsorship Co-ordinator - Thileepan Rasalingham
Women’s Cricket Development Officer - Veena Mampilly
Publicity Co-ordinator - Amit Kumar Shukla

The Committee met on eight occasions between the 2020 and 2021 AGMs and is scheduled to meet a ninth time immediately before the 2021 AGM. The increase in meeting frequencies was an originally unintended consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented meetings being conducted in person. The EC took advantage of remote meeting platforms to increase the frequency and will continue to meet remotely for most future meetings.
Issues that required higher consideration or decision were referred to the Council or the AGM.   


The members of Cricket Switzerland in Season 2020 were:

Associate (21)

Affiliate (7)                                                            

Aargau Cricket Club
Basle Dragons Juniors Cricket Club
Berne Cricket Club
CERN Cricket Club
Cossonay Cricket Club
Geneva Cricket Club
Geneva International Cricket Club
Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club
Geneva Sri Lankans Cricket Club
Geneva X1 Stars Cricket Club
Gingins Cricket Club

La Chataigneraie School
Nomads Cricket Club
Olten Cricket Club
Power Winterthur Cricket Club
St. Gallen Cricket Club
Winterthur Cricket Club
Zug Cricket Club
Zurich Crickets Cricket Club
Zurich Lions Cricket Club

Association Genevoise de Cricket
Cricket Coaches Association of Switzerland
Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz
Pakhtoon Zalmi
St. Moritz
Zurich Sapphires

















The Cricket Switzerland website was kept up to date throughout the season. A regular Newsletter continued to complement the website; the objective remained as publicising Cricket Switzerland activities and news monthly, depending on available information and newsworthy topics. Other issues were addressed to members by email from the Secretary.

Relations with key sporting bodies

Swiss Olympic

Membership of Swiss Olympic (SO), commenced on 1 January 2018, at which time Cricket officially became a national Swiss sport, under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland.
Representatives of Cricket Switzerland participated in all meetings and events that it was required or was beneficial to do so.
During the year Cricket Switzerland adopted a Code of Conduct (Ethics), in compliance with Swiss Olympic requirements.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

Switzerland’s membership of the ICC remained cancelled.

Cricket Switzerland agreed to a unification process initiated by the ICC in June 2018, the aim of which is to create a new organisation, underpinned by a new Constitution and an Executive Committee voted in by all eligible members.

Slow progress continued into 2020, in part due to the pandemic and the focus of cricketing authorities being on measures required to manage cricket internationally during this challenging year.

Fortunately, a new approach to the reinstatement of Switzerland to ICC membership was made in the 3rd quarter of 2020. While not withdrawing from the then current merger process, Cricket Switzerland lodged a formal application for ICC membership on its own. The ICC is currently reviewing the application and a decision is expected in mid-2021.
As part of the membership application process, the Cricket Switzerland EC adopted an anti-corruption code, which will be submitted to the AGM for ratification.


Ken McKeown

Honorary Secretary

Cricket Switzerland