ECB ACO Stage Two Umpiring courses

On Saturday 6th November 2021 (Berne) & Sunday 7th November 2021 (Zurich) the Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (sFOCUS), in conjunction with Cricket Switzerland, will run two ECB ACO Stage Two Umpiring Courses.

Prerequisite for this course is thee successful participation in an ECB ACO Level One Umpiring Course, which can also be completed online  for free.


There will be a charge of Fr 50.- per participant to cover costs of the course. If your club requires an invoice please contact Alex Mackay.
All attendees will be required to produce a valid Covid certificate.


Successful participants will receive an internationally recognised certificate from the English Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO).

To confirm your place on this course register online for either the ECB ACO Stage Two Berne on Saturday or the ECB ACO Stage Two Zurich on Sunday.

Berne area

Saturday 6th November 2021


Kath. Kirche St. Josef
Stapflenstrasse 25, 3098 Köniz

No. Participant Club Paid
1. A.Koshy Berne
2. A.Brown CERN
3. K.Adhivarahan sF
4. J.Vijayasan GESL
5. I.Ahmad sF
6. M.Sameel WCC
7. M.Rizwan Olten
8. A.Mackay WCC
9. Jeyakanthan Perumal  
10. Yateendra Sinh Cossonay
11- Pradeep Rao Cossonay
12. Roshanth Karunamoorthy Olten

Registration open

Zurich area

Sunday 7th November 2021


Kantonschule Hottingen
Minervastrasse 14, 8032 Zurich

No. Participant Club Paid
1. P.Henderson ZCCC
2. E.Raveendran ZCCC
3. G.Santhirasekaram ZCCC
4. V.Parvathaiah CCW
5. M.Senthilnathan Lions
6. M.Vasim CCW
7. S.B.Mamillapelli Lions
8. A.Lakkaraju Nomads
9. S.Krishnan sF
10. B.Ahmad PZCC
11. Prasad Shikare Nomads
12. Nic Henderson ZCCC
13. N.Ahmadi ZCCC
14. S.Sadasivan n/a
15. P.Vijayadas WCC
16. Gowris Navaretnarasa Olten
17. D.Chandrashekar Wettingen
18. Ashwin Purushotam  
19. Khawer Memon Nomads
20. Mohammed Shafiullah ZCCC
21, Kavitharan Muhunthan ZCCC
22. Jude Selvanayagam Danisiyas  

Registration closed

Places are limited and all registrations will be dealt with on a first-come, first-serve basis.