Annual General Meeting

Saturday 27th February 2021

The Cricket Switzerland 2021 Annual General Meeting has been confirmed for Saturday 27th February 2021.

Official notification, along with format and exact time, will be shared with all nominated club representatives in the coming weeks.


The agenda, details of the venue and supporting information for points included on the agenda (amendment to constitution; application for membership; Annual Report from Officers), will be supplied electronically shortly before the meeting.

The AGM will be immediately proceeded by a Council meeting to deal topics concerning the forthcoming season.


Saturday 27th February 2021
Time & venue to be confirmed


Draft agenda


1.    Opening of the Meeting
2.    Adoption of the Agenda
3.    Apologies for absence
4.    Adoption of the Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting
5.    Approval of the annual reports of the Executive Committee Members
6.    Approval of the Auditors’ reports
7.    Discharge the outgoing Executive from their obligations
8.    Approval of amendments to the Constitution
9.    Election of the Members of the Executive Committee
10.  Election of the Auditors
11.  Election of the Members of the Competitions Committee
12.  Approval of the 2021 fees
13.  Approval of the 2021 budget
14.  Admission to Cricket Switzerland Associate and Affiliate Membership
15.  Membership of Swiss Olympic
16.  Membership of the International Cricket Council
17.  Any other business
18.  Close of Meeting

Further information

Cricket Switzerland

Further information on the Annual General Meeting and the Council Meetings is available from Ken McKeown.