«We have put St.Gallen on the cricket world map»

Although St. Gallen Cricket Club lost the final for the Swiss championship, the respect in the scene is still great.

With just two wickets less, St. Gallen Cricket Club loses the final for the Swiss championship in Gründenmoos to Geneva. The St. Gallen cricket players are not only convincing in terms of sport, but also as hosts and organisers of major events.

Tagblatt - Ives Bruggmann, 13.10.2020

Image: Tagblatt
Image: Tagblatt

The final result was 120/8 to 117/10 for the French-speaking Swiss. After a bad start, the St. Gallen team fought back and even had good chances for the title. In the end, however, the favoured Geneva team won. St. Gallen team captain Nasir Mahmood says:


«We took a big risk.»



This did not pay off at the beginning of the game. But all of a sudden the St. Gallen bowlers took out one batter after the other from Geneva. "We put them under a lot of pressure. In the end it was really close," Mahmood said. In the end, the French-speaking Swiss won by two wickets and deservedly took the Swiss championship title. The St. Gallen team was denied their second title after 2018.

The final of the Swiss cricket championship between St.Gallen (in green) and Geneva took place in Gründenmoos. (Images: Michel Canonica)


The club takes in refugees again and again


That St.Gallen advanced to the final was rather surprising. Five players, some of them important players, left the cricket club of Eastern Switzerland before the season. "That's why we were proud to be in the final at all," says Mahmood. Important roles are repeatedly taken by refugees in the St. Gallen cricket team. Team captain Mahmood:


«We gladly accept these requests

and help with the integration.
But we also hope that the

authorities will support us a little.»


Because the successful St. Gallen Cricket Club has to get by without a permanent cricket pitch. This is the hard surface on which you bowl and hit. "It takes about an hour to set up the mobile pitch." You can't think of practising like that. Even in winter, the cricket players in St. Gallen are still without training facilities. The club has been on the waiting list for a sports hall for quite some time.


Top in Sport and Organisation


But the club has already achieved a lot in St. Gallen since its foundation in 2014. "We have put St. Gallen on the cricket world map," says Mahmood not without pride. Because the people of St. Gallen have proven themselves as organisers of major events. The final for the Swiss championship was held for the second time in Gründenmoos. This year, two international tournaments also took place in St. Gallen. "The Gründenmoos is the most popular venue in Switzerland," says Mahmood.

Also, St. Gallen is not lagging behind in terms of sport either. The first championship title was achieved in 2018. Now Mahmood and his team made it to the final again. "We hope that we continue to be attractive for good players." The St. Gallen Cricket Club has nothing to fear for the future at the moment.


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