Swiss T10 - St Gallen Cup

Gründenmoos, Friday 14 - Sunday 16 August 2020

Starting Friday 15th August and going on over three days, eight teams will compete in the Swiss T10 - St Gallen Cup at Gründenmoos in St Gallen.

St Gallen Cup

Before the start of final game on Sunday there will be a small competition for spectators:  who can hit the wickets the most times. The winners have a chance to win an Apple Airpods.

Similarly, there will be a similar competition for children with lots of small prizes.


Swiss Member of Parliament, Mr. Nik Gugger will be in attendance as the chief guest, along with other personalties.

Match schedule


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St Gallen Cricket Club

For more information go to the St Gallen Cup Swiss T10 website or contact St Gallen Cricket Club.