Two tier 40-over league in 2021

Cricket Switzerland's proposed new league format


As a result of discussions within the executive committee and after consultation with clubs around the country, the league committee is proposing that Switzerland move to a two tier 40 over league format in 2021.

The growth of the domestic game and the desire to progress the senior men's game ahead of admission to the ICC, are the main driving forces behind this decision.


The top tier will be called the Cricket Switzerland Premier League (CSPL) and will consist of eight teams, while the second tier will be named the Cricket Switzerland National League (CSNL).


The CSPL season is scheduled to start on the first weekend of April and will conclude on the final weekend of September. The team with the highest number of points will be crowned as champions and which teams will be relegated.

The CSNL will also begin the first weekend of April but will conclude on 31st August, providing 4-5 weekends to play quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final to determine who will be promoted as champions or runners-up of the CSNL.

How the top eight teams were chosen

Geneva CC, Zurich Nomads CC, St Gallen CC, Power CC, Zurich Crickets CC, Olten CC, Cossonay CC & Bern CC are the top eight teams and will begin in the premier division.

The league committee compiled data for all the teams over the seasons 2017 - 2019 (3 years) and the top eight teams have been chosen based on the number of average points gained per match over the CSPL games played over the last 3 seasons.

                                          Team Av. Pts                                     
  1 Geneva 9.42  
  2 Zurich Nomads 8.50  
  3 St Gallen 7.90  
  4 Power 7.30  
  5 Zurich Crickets 7.25  
  6 Olten 6.92  
  7 Cossonay 6.84  
  8 Berne 6.32  

How promotion will work

The remaining teams, Geneva SL CC, Geneva XI Stars CC, Winterthur CC, CERN CC, GICC, Aargau CC, Zug CC, Zurich Lions CC, Pakhtoon CC, Novartis CC and any new admittances to the league*, will be split according to geography between an eastern decision, a western division, and, if necessary a central division, and depending on the size of the division, teams will play either home or away, or alternatively, home & away.


Cricket Switzerland National League

(scenario with west, central & east divisions)

  Western Division   Central Division   Eastern Division  

* Applications of membership at the 2021 AGM are expected from: Basel Cricket Club, Royal Tigers Zurich Cricket Club, Swiss Afghan Cricket Club, Wettingen Cricket Club, SSCA, Luzern Cricket Club, Lugano Cricket Club, Carouge Cricket Club & Village Cricketers Association. Clubs being admitted to the association will begin in the CSNL.


At the end of the season the top teams qualify for the CSNL finals will be promoted to Premier Division replacing the two teams that are relegated.

Promotion is not compulsory. Teams winning promotion may decide they do not want to commit to the Premier Division, in which case the next in line will join the Premier Division.

Further information

Cricket Switzerland

For more information on the proposed league structure, please contact Asvin Lakkaraju.