Introducing Pakhtoon Zalmi CC

At the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 29th February 2020, Pakhtoon Zalmi Cricket Club were welcomed as an affiliate member of Cricket Switzerland. We wanted to find out more about them and share that with you.

The name Pakhtoon is a region in southern Afghanistan & nort-west Pakistan, fondly referred to as Pakhtunistan, where people with a common Pashtun culture live. Zalmi means youth in the Pashto language.


Members of Pakhtoon Cricket Club have been playing cricket in different clubs in Switzerland for the last five years. Sharing a common language & culture they met together off the field and in 2019 had meeting to form & run their own own club.

Pakhtoon Cricket Club's objective is to share their passion for cricket and to promote the sport in Switzerland, a sport that by their own admittance runs thick in their blood, that they love to play and play with determination & intensity.

In 2020 Pakhtoon Zamli Cricket Club will compete in the Swiss Mr Pickwick Twenty20 Cricket League central division and play their home matches in Uster on the artificial pitches at the Buchholz Stadion.

More information

Cricket Switzerland

For more information visit the Pakhtoon Zalmi page on the Cricket Switzerland website where you shall find a link to the club's facebook page and a contact email address.