How can I start playing cricket?

Want to play cricket in Switzerland, here's how!

If you are interested in playing cricket in Switzerland we can help you find your local club.

Play cricket in Switzerland

Swiss cricket
Men's, women's and youth cricket is growing in popularity year on year in Switzerland by about 20%. Why? Cricket can be dramatic, explosive and nail-biting. Cricket is a social sport with many formats. Games can be played ranging from 15 minutes to five days. It's a team sport, but the three key elements - batting, bowling, fielding - rely on individual skills.
Traditionally cricket is played on a field with 11 players per side but there are many ways to play newer, scintillating styles - within sports halls, local parks, playgrounds and, in some cases, cages.

Who can play?
Anyone & everyone can play cricket in Switzerland. If you want to play for fun or be right up there challenging for honours, there's a place for you.

In addition to a mens 20 over & 40 over leagues, there are practice evenings and indoor or outdoor training at weekends, cricket camps and weekend tournaments for all age groups & genders.

Youth Cricket
Aimed at providing children aged ten to eighteen with a great first experience in cricket and develop their talents with qualified coaches, and with indoor and outdoor competitions all year round.

There are numerous junior clubs in the Geneva region, Cossonay, Basel & in and around Zurich/Winterthur.

Women's cricket
Learn the basic skills you need with a local club and when you are ready step up to hard-ball cricket, just like the professionals.

Men's cricket
Join any one of over twenty-five teams in Switzerland training, practising and playing cricket all summer.

Want to know more?

Cricket Switzerland

Cricket Switzerland is a member of Swiss Olympic and bides by the code of conduct, anti-doping & anti-corruption directives.

If you want to know more about cricket in Switzerland you can contact the president by email.