ECL goes public

The Europen Cricket League has turned to private investors to potentially raise €500'000

European Cricket League founder, Daniel Weston, is providing an opportunity to private individuals to own a stake in European Cricket by buying shares in the European Cricket League (ECL) - minimum investment €500.
58% of a total of 10'000 shares taken with Daniel Westion retaining a controlling 50'000 share stake.

ECL Trophy & Daniel Weston

In the ECL Investment Partners AG manifesto Daniel Weston writes, "After our highly successful and positively acclaimed ECL19 tournament, there has been an enormous level of interest in the ECL project. Many friends have recently asked if they can invest alongside me to become part of our European Cricket League (“ECL”) journey. Accordingly, I have decided to provide an opportunity for friends, family, the broader European cricket community and global ECL fans to buy and own a share of the ECL in partnership with me.

Daniel Weston was a professional investor & trader, managing money for himself and others. Now, he dedicates his time, energy and resources to developing and investing in cricket in Europe.

Daniel Weston has declared five clear goals:

  1. Develop the ECL to motivate today’s cricketers in Europe to start or join a club, become part of a team and endeavour to become champions of their National domestic cricket league to receive an invite to the ECL.
  2. Create heroes of today's European cricketers by giving them the ECL platform to shine on the world stage.
  3. Inspire parents to involve their children, at a young age, in local cricket communities so they can aspire to one day playing in the ECL and national teams.
  4. Ensure the ECL objective is clear (it’s the European Cricket League for European based cricketers), credible (only the National domestic champion team can play) and entertaining (the fantastically action packed T10 format).
  5. Create a sustainable sporting and business platform which will make cricket the number one summer sport in Europe.

Daniel Weston also has a warning for investors. "As with all investments, there is a level of risk involved in this ECL shareholding offer. Your investment in the ECL is not success guaranteed. But I strongly believe, that cricket has finally arrived in a meaningful way in Europe and it is here to stay. Building European cricket will be an incredible journey while we watch the game grow and talent emerge. This is a genuine combination of 'high impact investing for the social good' to help society and 'venture capital investing' to build something which could be bigger than huge and greater than ourselves."

If you are interested in investing in the ECL go to the ECL Investment Partners AG website.