Cricket on Ice 2020

The 32nd Cricket on Ice Trophy

on Lake St. Moritz, Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th February 2020

Cricket on Ice 2019 (14-16.2.2018)

Participating teams

Teams competing for this year’s trophy:

St. Moritz CC friends & guests of St Moritz Cricket Club
Old Cholmeleians Xl old Boys from Highgate School in London, UK
Lyceum Alpinum XI students & tutors from Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, Switzerland
Nomads Cricket CC a team consisting cricket enthusiasts based in London, England

Scheduled games

Thursday 14th February 10am - 12.50pm & 1.10pm - 4pm
Friday 15th February 10am - 12.50pm & 1.10pm - 4pm
Saturday 16th February 10am - 12.50pm & 1.10pm - 4pm

Further information

Please get in touch with the organising committee at St Moritz Cricket Club if you have any questions, or check the Cricket On Ice homepage. It would be a great pleasure to welcome you on the lake, offer you refreshments and a chair in the sun from where you can watch the matches in the champagne climate of St. Moritz!

Cricket on Ice is very proud to welcome you to St. Moritz. We hope you will enjoy this unique event.