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Cricket has a wet problem

(Der Landbote, Wednesday 20th May 2020)
You have to shower at home. You can only celebrate with your elbow. And you have to take a ball with you. Anyone who wants to participate in sport at the moment has to make many compromises. This is also the case in cricket. Although the sport gets by with very little (if any) physical contact, it has a wet problem: the spit of the bowlers. Unlike in football, this is not so easy to banish from the field. The rubbing (polishing) of the ball influences its flight behaviour. Nevertheless, the International Confederation (ICC) would like to banish spitting in the future.

That is why alternatives are now being sought. Shane Warne, a former Australian bowler, suggested adding weights to balls so that one side is heavier than the other. A sports goods manufacturer is tinkering with a special wax. And the Association suggests another body fluid that is not prohibited: sweat. From a medical point of view it is very unlikely that the coronavirus is transmitted with it. (abb)

This article originally appeared in Der Landbote.