Growth in Swiss cricket set to continue

Cricket Switzerland ECL T10 Final in St Gallen (2020)

Despite all the challenges that the Covid-19 corona virus has posed in the last nearly 12 months, the growth in cricket as a sport in Switzerland is set to continue in 2021.


Interest to become a member of the association has been expressed from nine organisations around the country. At least four of these are expected to apply next year, while the others are anticipated to follow in subsequent years.

The clubs on the radar for 2021 & beyond are: Lugano, Luzern, Zurich Tigers, Swiss Afghans, Carouge CC, Basel CC, SSCA, Wettingen, Family Village Cricketers (Riehen).


This latest wave of membership applications has prompted the Cricket Switzerland executive to reconsider the format of the senior Cricket Switzerland Premier League (CSPL) and propose the introduction of a second tier, the Cricket Switzerland National League (CSNL).

The Swiss Mr Pickwick Twenty20 League is also likely to return to the three division structure (East, central & West) in 2021.

Cricket Switzerland membership growth 2014-2021
Cricket Switzerland membership growth 2014-2021

It is not just senior cricket that is experiencing an increase in participation. The prospective introduction of two additional junior teams and one women’s team, is a welcome addition to an already healthy development programme.


Since Cricket Switzerland’s inception in 2014, growth in the number of members has been consistently approaching 10% each year, with two new members in four of the last seven years and one in two others.

The best is yet to come

In 2021 the Annual General Meeting is expected to adopt a third membership category which will open the way for softball/tennis-ball/tape-ball cricket clubs to be recognised, plus other organisations actively promoting or organising cricket.
It is envisaged that this could potentially double the size of Cricket Switzerland from 2022.

More information

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If you require further information on membership criteria or the application process to Cricket Switzerland, please contact the association’s honorary secretary, Mr Ken McKeown.