Cricket Switzerland on COVID-19

Cricket Switzerland is taking the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic very seriously and has taken the decision to postpone the official start of the cricket season from 1st April to 1st May.

This considered course of action has been recommended in order to protect our members and their families ahead ahead of the beginning of the cricket season. In line with federal directives to enforce social distancing, no event, including a cricket event, whether indoors or outdoors, may take place. Under no circumstances should there be a congregation of more than FIVE people.

No cricket matches or training, however limited in numbers, my take place until the FOPH has lifted restrictions in place to enforce social distancing.

Corona virus

With the cricket season just weeks away, Alexander Mackay, President of Cricket Switzerland, released the following statement:

"Cricket Switzerland is in close contact with Swiss Olympic and the relevant authorities & we are monitoring the situation on a day-by-day basis. Any decision taken by Cricket Switzerland with regards to the cricket season, matches & tours will be based on the latest available scientific & medical information and advice after consultation with the local authorities.

We thank all clubs & supporters for their cooperation in advance."

Alexander Mackay (President)


Why is COVID-19 so contagious

The COVID-19 corona virus is highly contagious and differentiates from other viruses in the following ways:

  • Initial symptoms with a regular influenza infection are noticeable after 2-3 days, COVID-19 is considered to be 5-6 days. This allows the virus to be passed on to more people
  • COVID-19 is new and therefore the human immune system has less or no defence
  • Complications are more frequent with COVID-19 infections, and can be more severe, particularly for those with existing conditions

For these reasons, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has announced special rules of conduct. These are intended to protect all persons in Switzerland, especially those at risk, from infection. Additionly, restrictions have been put in place to slow the spread of the virus so that the public health services have sufficient time and capacity to care for those who are seriously ill.


Symptoms of coronavirus disease
The most common symptoms are a high temperature, a dry cough and difficulty breathing. These symptoms can vary in their severity. It is also possible for complications to arise, such as pneumonia, and some people who have developed the disease have also experienced problems affecting digestion or developed conjunctivitis.

How to protect yourself & others
It is everyone's responsibility to protect themselves and in particular those more vulnerable. For this reason Cricket Switzerland will enforce the following recommendations made by the Federal Office of Public Health:

  • Cricketers that display symptoms should stay at home and contact their local doctor by phone
  • Those in regular contact with vulnerable people should avoid meetings with more than 3 participants & where possible, telephone or video conferencing is advised
  • Cricketers are obliged to inform their club if there are suspected cases of COVID-19 corona virus in their private environment
  • Trips abroad should be kept to a minumum
  • Those travelling by public transport are advised to travel outside of the rush hours
  • Refrain from shaking hands when greeting

Measures affecting cricket events

Cricket matches in Switzerland rarely attract more than a handful of spectators and those present are spread across a playing field.

In an announcement on Friday 29th March no more than five people may congregate anywhere at any time

Hand washing facilities & hand disinfectant be made compulsory at all venues.

No more than 5 people may congregate and all should strictly follow the recommendations by the FOPH.

How to protect yourself & others

Many sports authorities have already taken the decision to disallow all sports. Playing fields, changing rooms, bathrooms, remain closed until the end of April. Cricket Switzerland recommends that all cricket events should be cancelled or at the minum postponed.

The following events have already been cancelled:

  • Basel U11 indoors (14-15 Mar)
  • Basel U13 indoors (21-22 Mar)
  • Basel U15 indoors (28-29 Mar)
  • Visit by Padova CC to Winterthur (18-19 April)
  • iT20 tournament in Prague (22-24 May)
  • U11, U13 & U15 tours to Surrey (29-31 May)
  • Swiss Olympic Verbandsinformation (14 May)
  • Senior Zuoz

The following events have been postponed:

  • WCC AGM (23 Mar)
  • DBMT (26 Apr)
  • Season start (to 1 May)

The following events are at immediate risk:

  • Olten Cricket Festival (2 May)
  • MCL Croatia (11-14 Jun)
  • Junior Zuoz (21-22 Jun)

Please contact the organisers for more details.

Further information

For further information please refer to the FOPH website, containing up to date figures on the corona virus, symptoms, restrictions imposed in Switzerland by law, factsheets and recommendations.