ICC membership - Cricket Switzerland applies directly

International Cricket Council (ICC)
International Cricket Council (ICC)

Cricket Switzerland has announced that it has notified the ICC of their intention to submit an application for associate membership before the end of the year.

Currently, documentation supporting all the membership criteria is being collated and will be submitted to the ICC in November. If the application is accepted, Cricket Switzerland's membership will be put to the ICC AGM due to take place mid-year 2021.

Cricket Switzerland is the only body in Switzerland with a domestic competition structure for senior & youth cricketers. It includes international representation, a working development plan for women’s cricket, and skills development in the fields of coaching, umpiring & scoring.


Cricket Switzerland is well placed to steer Switzerland back into the international fold, where it plans to take an active role in the development of the game.
Also, as members of Swiss Olympic (the umbrella organisation for all sports in Switzerland), since 2018, Cricket Switzerland is recognised domestically as the body responsible for cricket in this country.

Since the split in 2012 and the creation of Cricket Switzerland in 2014, the association membership has almost doubled in size. Cricket Switzerland is now the pre-eminent cricket body in Switzerland. And it continues to grow, with the possibility of as many as four further clubs due to apply for membership in 2021.


Eight years ago the then Swiss Cricket Association was suspended from the ICC due to non-compliance. Essentially this was caused by the creation of a rival association. which caused a split in the Swiss Cricket association. Almost all active clubs have continued or resumed Cricket Switzerland membership.