Swiss U13 Surrey Tour report

30 May - 2 June 2019

Twelve Swiss U13 players toured clubs over the Ascension long weekend once again this year. The 2019 instalment had four matches with the shortest being 20 over and the longest 40 overs (a novelty for this side!).

For each game, the opposition coach was invited to nominate a player of the match from the Swiss team.

  Player Club
1 Arkan Zurich Crickets CC
2 Charlie Basel Dragons Junior CC
3 George Basel Dragons Junior CC
4 Hayden+ Zurich Crickets CC
5 Jai Cossonay CC
6 Kai La Chat CC
7 Louis La Chat CC
8 Nevzad GRY CC
9 Ryan Cossonay CC
10 Sasha Zurich Crickets CC
11 Thomas A* La Chat CC
12 Thomas G Cossonay CC

Match 1

Cranleigh U13 169-6 (Max 39, Jamie 39; Jai 2-14, Thomas G 2-21) bt Swiss U13 167-6 (Charlie 37, Hayden 32; Sabin 2-9, Arthur 1-7) by 4 wickets

Thomas A won the toss and elected to field at the beautiful Cranleigh ground. The innings didn’t start well with both openers and the skipper out early with the score 13-3. Kai and Charlie looked to rebuild, and both soon started to put on totals. Kai’s 26 came mostly through leg-side boundaries with only two singles! He couldn’t go on and was out caught. Charlie on the other hand lived a charmed life, being put down several times, but took advantage with boundaries as well as two’s and singles before he chipped one back to the bowler. He had combined with Hayden, who at times found it difficult to find the gap, but when he did it went for 4, with three of them coming in one over! He too couldn’t go on and was bowled leaving Ryan and Nevzad to see out the overs.
The Cranleigh openers got off to a good start, and were able to see off some tight bowling from the Swiss bowling. Unfortunately the fielding was not able to back it up with some seven chances (and three half-chances) being put down. Charlie however didn’t put down Max in the 17th over to break the partnership (two shy of 100) off the off-spin of Jai. Jai struck three balls later with Louis this time holding on to a catch to dismiss Jamie. Freddie came to the crease and ruined Sasha’s figures as the bowler dropped a bit short and was dispatched for four 4s over the leg side. Nevzad nipped in bowling the other opener and Thomas G took a caught & bowled off Millie and then bowled Marcus. With 10 runs needed in just under 3 overs, Swiss needed to take wickets. Jai held onto a catch off Louis with 9 runs needed in under 2 overs, and the excitement rose. However this brought Freddie onstrike for the final over who dispatched him for two fours to win the game for Cranleigh.

Swiss Player of the Match: Nevzad for his accurate bowling and upbeat and energetic fielding.

Match 2

Weybridge U13 162-6 (Freddy 33*, Ollie 30*; Kai 3-23, Arkan 1-7) bt Swiss U13 116-7 (Sasha 30*, Louis 21; Tom 2-17, Harrison 1-5) by 46 runs

After a day at Weybridge for practice on grass wickets with T20 Community coaches, the sun came out for the evening for a T20 match against the Weybridge U13s. Weybridge won the toss and opted to bat first. Thomas G got things going with a tight over, but Nevzad couldn’t get his radar right and was expensive. Kai replaced him and was also tight. Arkan found the first wicket coming back from a 4 to have Tom caught behind. Kai has Harry bowled in the next over. Arkan’s next was very tight again and had gone for two when a straight drive was cracked which Arkan tried to stop with his foot resulting in bruising and he couldn’t continue. Charlie came on to finish his over and struck immediately having Henry caught with a stunning diving catch by Kai on the deep mid-wicket boundary. Unfortunately this was the last wicket to fall for 11 overs. Freddy and Ollie batted well and took advantage of some short bowling with most overs containing one boundary, and Charlie being taken for four in one. Louis was next to strike in over 18 having Oliver caught by Kai, and Kai himself struck in the last catching Harrison himself, and then Jai snaffling Sam. It was still an expensive over and Weybridge finished on a massive 162.

Jai and Sasha started watchfully until the third over when Sasha pulled his last two balls over the infield for 4. He and Jai found the other opening bowler, Jamie much harder work, only scoring 2 from his 2. Sasha did the same to Sam as he had before taking him for two 4s. Jai (4) was out caught the next over, having not faced much of the strike. Sasha retired shortly after, bringing Charlie to join Kai. They swapped some singles and byes before Kai (3) was trapped in front by Oliver, bringing Thomas A to the crease. Charlie (2) could only go on for another couple of overs before being bowled with the score on 55-3 with only 8.4 overs to go. Louis found a couple of lucky edges to the boundary before a mix up saw Thomas (7) run out. Louis hit a couple more before being bowled. The next over saw 6 wides and then Thomas G (6) hitting a big six but didn’t make contact with the next and his stumps rearranged. The rest of the innings somewhat petered out with Hayden out for a duck and Ryan (3) and Nevzad (2) seeing out the remaining couple of overs.

Swiss PotM: Kai for athleticism in the field and taking 3-23.

Match 3

T20 Academy U13 188-2 (Matthew 53*, Rafe 50*; Charlie 2-16) bt Swiss U13 170-9 (Kai 25, Louis 20; Tristan 2-8, Rafe 1-20) by 18 runs

Saturday morning brought a 35 over match against the Academy side of the tour organisers T20 Community at St George’s College. T20 won the toss, and also elected to bat first. The T20 openers started their innings watchfully, content to wait for a the (few and far between) bad balls, coupled by some excellent fielding. The first wicket didn’t come until the 27th over, just shy of the 100 partnership with Alex caught by Jai off Charlie. The only real blemish in the bowling so far was Nevzad bowling three above waist height no balls that were all punished. Ryan took the ball after Charlie’s wicket maiden, and seemed he caught Nevzad’s no balls, which were all punished and the over went for 21. The skipper turned to Sasha again whose four overs so far had gone for a niggardly 7 runs, and the bowler only went for 3 more. Sadly Rafe and Tristan were in no mood to hang around and started to hit big, with Rafe retiring off only 32 balls. In the middle of the carnage Charlie had Tristan bowled, and Sasha came back to bowl the last over and managed to contain them to 5 from the over to finish on 188-2.

The Swiss openers went out with some confidence, despite 35 hot overs in the field, and ran well, going at over 6 an over. Sasha in particular seemed in aggressive mood following the batting the evening before and scored the first boundary driving Alex over the top. He tried the same two balls later and played down the wrong line and was bowled for 10. Jai (9) departed the next over after new batsman, Thomas A, called late for a ball hit straight to point leaving Jai not enough time to make his ground. Thomas (6) couldn’t stick around for long chipping a ball to mid-off where it was juggled before being taken. Two balls later, a yes-no from Kai saw Charlie run out without facing a ball. The Swiss players showing inexperience in batting a longer innings with the score on 42-4 after only 7.1 overs. Kai and Hayden dug in, looking to rebuild. The pair kept out the good balls and ran well and put on a 43 run partnership before Hayden (10) was out caught. Louis and Kai continued the good work with again Louis starting with a couple of edged boundaries before finding his form. This partnership was broken with the spinner getting a little more bounce and Kai giving a fine nick to the keeper. With 80 required from just over 14 overs, the Swiss still had time to get them over the line. However the T20 bowling attack was strong, and Arkan struggled to get the ball away for runs. Louis’ innings came to an end when he was bowled by Tristan’s spin. Nevzad came out and was immediately busy looking for runs (although gave two away with short running!). Looking to force the pace Arkan eventually went with a fine nick to the keeper. Another leg-spinner, Ryan, joined Nevzad and looked in good touch. The pair put on 16 together before Nevzad was run out with 5 balls to go. Ryan finished off the innings with two 4s and a single, leaving Thomas G without facing a ball. Sadly the Swiss team were 18 runs short.

Swiss PotM: Kai for his mature innings and all round performance in the field

Match 4

Swiss U13 218 all out (Hayden 44, Louis 28; Nilesh 3-14, Nicholas 1-24) bt Windsor U13 195 all out (Joshua 43, Nilesh 42; Nevzad 5-21, Thomas G 2-16) by 23 runs

The Sunday match was back at Windsor, as in the previous 2 years for a 40 over game. Thomas’ luck at the toss didn’t get any better, but this time the team were asked to bat first. Nicholas’ first ball swung in and took Sasha’s off stump. As he trudged to the boundary however he was sent back by the Windsor coach as it appeared they played “first ball grace”! Sasha looked scratchy, but this time Jai was in great touch hitting a couple of drives for 4. He almost ran out his partner calling after hitting the ball straight to point - much like the previous day! Sasha was lucky this time, but went one “better” soon after doing exactly the same to Jai and this time the fielder was on target. Sasha’s patience was tested with dots building before lashing at a wide one which edged through to the keeper. Hayden and Thomas A were in next. Hayden also benefitted from the “grace” rule, but soon Thomas was on his way back adjudged LBW to Nilesh. Charlie didn’t last much longer and chipped back to Nilesh. Louis came out and looked in good touch with the pair putting on a 67 run partnership. Louis hitting a six over the straight boundary, and both hitting fours. Louis was the man out however, bowled by Monty. George, in his first batting innings of the tour, was busy finding singles as well as pulling one around the corner for 4 before being out caught for 9. At the other end Hayden worked through a couple of periods of dots, before finding runs again. Ryan came in and continued from the day before, hitting 3 fours before also being out caught. Nevzad came out and went one better with boundaries and Hayden accelerated as the pair went into the second drinks break at 30 overs. Perhaps that disturbed Hayden’s rhythm as he only added two before being bowled agonisingly short of a 50. Nevzad went similarly the next over, and Thomas G joined Arkan. Thomas hit a spritely run-a-ball 15, with two boundaries to finish the Swiss side on 218.

Windsor started well, going at just under 5 an over, although Thomas G picked up maiden in his second. Similarly to the previous day the openers put on almost 100 before the first wicket and this time it was Jai who struck in his third, after two economic overs, removing Joshua. Nevzad put the previous day’s troubles behind him and took the next two wickets in his first two overs. His third was even better being a double wicket maiden! In the midst of this, Jai took a run out leaving Windsor on 137-6. Looking to give all his bowlers a go the captain brought himself and George on. George was spectacularly unlucky to be bowling to a player about 4 times bigger and got dispatched for 24 - and not only that, the player had been “bowled” first ball by Nevzad! Suddenly the game was in Windsor’s reach. At the drinks break, the coach suggested that bringing the best bowlers on might be a better ploy and Thomas G followed up by taking two in his first over of the spell. Nevzad’s last over of his allocation saw him bowl the big hitting Baljaveen to take a 5-for! Louis finished them off with his first ball to secure the first win of the tour!

Swiss PotM: Nevzad for his 5-for!


Bowling is usually a strong point and this year was no exception. The team gave away 114 bowling extras (in approximately 114 overs) in comparison to 169 by the opposition. In the match against the T20 Academy the seamers were extremely tight, and although weren’t able to take many wickets, kept the run rate down. Overall there were too many full tosses, particularly from the spinners - perhaps a consequence of the recent shortening of pitch lengths. Of the spin bowlers, Nevzad stood out, taking a five-for in the last game. Jai made a recent switch from seam to off-spin, and this was very successful for him. Of the seamers, Thomas G was excellent, bowling an accurate line and length and taking four wickets.

The batting was a little more “hit and miss”, with the openers only setting a platform once (and trying to run each other out in the last game!) With three of the four games longer than 20 overs, the side didn’t have much experience to dig in and play a longer game, this showed with no retirements in these games. A lack of experience outdoors also showed, with the team unsure of their running. Kai and Louis put together some decent knocks in the middle order but Hayden was the top run scorer, and the only one to go past 40 and showed a determination not to give his wicket away.

The fielding was similarly uneven, with an unprecedented number of dropped catches in Cranleigh. However, the side improved and looked a much better side for the next three games. Kai’s diving catch was spectacular but there were also a lot of more prosaic difficult stops in the field that put pressure on sides like T20 and Windsor. Behind the stumps, Hayden acquitted himself well, giving away fewer byes than the opposition.

Overall the result could have been 3-1, with the game at Cranleigh “one that got away”, and the T20 game tight. Thomas A captained the side well, with good bowling changes, and taking responsibility for the batting order.

Many thanks to Darren of T20 for organising the tour, the clubs for hosting us as well as Gareth and Lance for coaching the boys on tour. Next stop Leicester for the Coloured Clothing Tournament!

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