Save Bout-du-Monde cricket pitch

An appeal by AGC & Cricket Switzerland on behalf of all involved in Swiss cricket.

The City of Geneva plan to demolish the cricket pitch at the Bout-du-Monde sports centre by 2023-2025. The Master Plan that includes this drastic measure is supposed to be voted next year by the City Council. It is now time for all actors and lovers involved in Swiss cricket to get together!

The AGC will file the petition to the relevant authorities by the end of the year requesting them to retain the pitch.
We therefore appeal to you all to share the petition (see below), sign it and return it. Make sure your friends do it too, as well as your relatives, your co-workers, your fellow cricketers, your dentist, your ex-husband or ex-wife and so on and so forth. The more signatures we get, the better our chances are!
Anyone can sign, everyone should!
A maximum of six signatures can be put on one page so feel free to print out as many as you can. You can post the signed petitions to the address stated on the petition or send it/them scanned by email to the president of the AGC.

Bout du Mode petition
Petition BdM.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 231.9 KB