Junior cricket pitch directive

U13 Romande Cup in 2018
U13 Romande Cup in 2018

Changes in the 2019 MCC Laws have acknowledged the requirement for differing pitch lengths in junior cricket but have stopped short of defining these in the Laws.

Instead the Laws have left it to the national cricket body of each country to specify the length of the pitch ideal for their junior cricket programmes.


Cricket Switzerland have looked at various standards adopted by the ECB and differing English counties (Wiltshire & Surrey) and will put the final decision to the Council Meeting on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Suggested pitch lengths

Age Group Boys Girls
Under 9 15 Yards (13.72m) 15 yards (13.72m)
Under 10 17 Yards (15.54m) 17 Yards (15.54m)
Under 11 17 Yards (15.54m) 17 Yards (15.54m)
Under 12 19 Yards (17.37m) 19 Yards (17.37m)
Under 13 19 Yards (17.37m) 19 Yards (17.37m)
Under 14 21 Yards (19.20M) 21 Yards (19.20M)
Under 15 22 Yards (20.12M) 22 Yards (20.12M)
Under 17 22 Yards (20.12M) 22 Yards (20.12M)

 NOTE: It is proposed to retain the same pitch lengths for boys & girls and for soft & hard ball cricket.

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