Introducing Aargau Cricket Club

Aargau Cricket Club

At the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 23rd February 2019, Aargau Cricket Club were unanimously accepted as members of Cricket Switzerland.

They were also granted permission to compete in both the Swiss Mr Pickwick Twenty20 & Cricket Switzerland Premier 40-over League competitions.


Who are Aargau Cricket Club, went to find out?

Aargau Cricket Club

Aargau Cricket Club was formed by cricket enthusiasts in the neighbouring areas of Wettingen and Baden with the purpose of promoting cricket in all its forms and help to set standards of quality, ensuring fair-play sport environment and also to provide access to young players interested in Cricket.

The club president, Amitkumar Shukla, told "We are - and we have - adopted the spirit of Cricket Switzerland, to embrace and adopt cricketing culture of the gentlemen game, challenging the best with a competitive exhibition of cricketing skills while supporting the cause of cricket".

Aargau Cricket Club has its seat in Wettingen. Having played for many years as an informal group, in 2019 Aargau Cricket Club registered as a formal organisation in the Wettingen Gemeinde.

The club, predominatly of south asian ethnicity, has secured the use of the facilities at Kreuzzelg (Zentralstrasse 173, 5430 Wettingen) and will play on the football ground there with the pitch being layed each week on top of boards.

Anyone wishing to contact Aargau Cricket Club can do so using any of the ACC contact details.