Gingins Cricket on Couleur 3

Couleur 3, a popular youth radio station, recorded their programme "3ème mi-temps" on the subject of cricket live at the U13 Gingins indoor tournament on Saturday 16th November 2019.

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Listen to the programme recording "3ème mi-temps - L'envoyé spécial" about cricket at Gingins available from RTS.

Ian Coltart said, "It's not every day that cricket in Suisse Romande gets such great coverage.
One of the messages that we were trying to get across during the interview, is that cricket is not just for expats, and that locals are very welcome."

Ian Coltatrt, RTS reporter & Arnold Bucheli

Further information

Gingins Cricket Club

For further information on this programme or about cricket in Gingins Cricket Club contact Ian Coltart. or Arnold Bucheli.