Domestic senior cricket review

Cricket Switzerland League Chairman Report 2018

Cricket Switzerland has completed yet another successful season, which included competitive cricket dominated by youngsters, and a new era of Swiss cricketers have well and truly arrived on the scene.

I begin this report by sharing with you the details of changes made to the rules and regulations in Swiss cricket. A stringent code of conduct was introduced to deal with player transgressions in 2018 including putting up the details of the player misconduct on the website. All youngsters below the age of 18 years are now obliged to use all the protective equipment available including helmets when playing in the official games. First aid kits were supplied to all the clubs free of charge and it was mandatory for teams to have them on the scorers desk before the game starts. The association now makes every effort to ensure that players are more aware and educated about the injuries. With most of the cricket now standardized in Switzerland, there were no changes in the actual playing conditions in 2018.
As with the previous year’s, digital scorecards have been extensively used by the clubs and scorecards from every game are now archived on CricHQ. Overall 2018 saw 109 official games played across all the formats breaking the previous year record of 102 games. In spite of challenges associated with organizing so many games, I am proud to inform you that all the games had neutral officials.
Cricket Switzerland Premier League
2018 once again saw the quality of cricket go up a notch supported by influx of new players and extremely good weather. A total of 56 games were played encompassing both divisions and the knock out phases. We saw Zug CC as new entrant into the association and participated in CSPL as part of  the Eastern Division. Eastern Division was dominated by Nomads CC and St Gallen CC in the league phase and Nomads CC won the group piping St Gallen CC. In Western division, Geneva CC was a class above the rest of the division, winning all the games comfortably and looked like a team destined to go deep into the tournament. The quarterfinals however saw a repeat of 2017 and all the four semi-finalists ended up being from Eastern Division. The first semi-final between Nomads and Olten saw one of the best games of the season with Olten defeating the defending champions by the smallest of margins, 1 run. In the second semi-finals St Gallen comfortably defeated Power CC. The finals was played in the Grundenmoos stadium which was filled with spectators, mostly locals who came to support St Gallen. For the first time in Swiss Cricket history the game was broadcasted live on Youtube, a sign of things to come in the future. Probably in one of the best finals played over the last few years, both teams gave everything they had and St Gallen thanks to sensational cricket by their youngsters managed to become 2018 CSPL Champions. Congratulations to St Gallen CC.

Mr. Pickwick Cup T20
2018 once again saw teams being extremely competitive in T20 games. St Gallen CC looked the team apart right from the beginning with their power hitters. They remained unbeaten throughout the league phase in Eastern division recording comfortable victories against every team. Power CC came in second to qualify for the PT20 finals day. Western Division saw see saw battle till the last weekend and Bern CC reinvigorated by the youth came in as group leaders with Geneva CC closely following in and qualifying for the finals. The first semi-final between Bern CC and Power CC; saw Bern CC winning a thrilling chase and qualifying for the finals. The second semi-final saw St Gallen comfortably defeating Geneva CC. The finals saw favourite St Gallen CC winning the championship comfortably. Congratulations to St Gallen CC.
On behalf of league committee and all the members associated with organization of these tournaments, I would like to extend my congratulations to St Gallen CC for the double in 2018. Well Done!!
Spirit of Cricket
We once again had issues with the on field behaviour of some of the players. The league committee acted swiftly and stringently and the guilty were duly punished. To discourage players from such behaviour, we have decided to include the player name and details of the transgressions on the website to bring it to everyone’s notice. These efforts to regulate player behaviour were applauded by Swiss Olympic.
It is very important for clubs to ensure that cricket is played with respect, obeying the rules and in the right spirit and Cricket Switzerland has over the years built up provisions to ensure fair play.
Cricket Administrations is indeed a thankless job, where you cannot keep everyone happy at all the times. The successful running of the league competitions does involve lot of administrative work and I would like to take the opportunity of this report to thank the people who have immensely contributed in successful running of the competitions over the last year:


1. Mr. Abraham Koshy

2. Mr. Alex Mackay

3. Mr. Clive Denney

4. Mr. Hascal Gallop

5. Mr. Gowreesan Navaratnaraysa

6. Mr. Matthew Martin

7. Mr. Ken McKeown


9. Cricket Switzerland Executive Committee
To conclude the report, I would like to thank all the Clubs, Sponsors and CS Executive committee for their unwavering support and I look forward to an exciting 2019 season.
Yours sincerely,

Asvin Lakkaraju