Development Plan

Cricket Switzerland Development Plan

The Cricket Switzerland Development Plan was adopted by the Council at its meeting on Saturday 23rd February 2019.


The Plan sets out the strategic priorities and goals for 2019 to 2021.


Achievement against the goals is measured during the current year by the executive and reported to the Annual General Meeting before the next season commences. 


Purpose and Objectives
The purpose and objectives of Cricket Switzerland are described in its Constitution: 

Cricket Switzerland is committed to the encouragement and promotion of cricket throughout Switzerland in accordance with the Laws of Cricket, the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ as described therein, and in the best traditions of sporting behaviour generally.
Officials’ actions conform to the highest standards of honesty, impartiality, equity and integrity when discharging their duties and responsibilities.
Cricket Switzerland supports the "Charter of Ethics", the anti-doping statutes of Swiss Olympic Association and disseminates the principles of ethics among its members.

The objectives of Cricket Switzerland are:
a. to best represent the interests of its membership, and to liaise between them and the Switzerland federal sporting authorities, International Cricket Council (ICC), the Swiss Olympic Association (Swiss Olympic) and other sporting authorities as the case may be;
b. to oversee national men’s, women’s and youth development schemes administered either directly or through its member organisations;
c. to appropriately allocate funds received in the form of support grants for:
   i. Youth development projects;
  ii. Women’s development
 iii.  Coaching programmes;
 iv. Umpire and scorer training courses;
  v. Support to Member organisations for improving facilities for cricket.
d. to conduct cricket tournaments and related events for the benefit of its membership; and
e. to organise and manage Swiss national men’s, women’s and youth teams for participation in matches and tournaments at an international level.
Strategic Priorities/Goals

Goal 1. Enhance the status of cricket in Switzerland and foster its development as a national Swiss sport; showcase the sport to the Swiss population and sporting authorities, and to international audiences.

With the intention of re-establishing a nationwide governing body, and re-establishing Switzerland as an officially recognised cricket-playing nation, Cricket Switzerland (CS) was created, following the dissolution of the former Swiss Cricket Association (Berne). Obtaining Swiss Olympic membership, effective 1 January 2018, was a significant step in meeting this goal. Effective communications via the various media are critical to meeting this goal and for the continuing success of the organisation.

Key Activities

Develop and maintain excellent working relations with Swiss Olympic (SO).
Incorporate SO values, rules and guidelines into CS statutes and rules.
Attain membership by Switzerland of the International Cricket Council (ICC).
Ensure effective communications with the various stakeholders.


2019: Build comprehension of the responsibilities of SO membership.
2019-2021: Participate in national and International events designed to ensure implementation of best practices and compliance.
2019-2021: Engage in SO awareness programmes regarding anti-doping, anti-smoking and sexual harassment.
2019: Continue to demonstrate to the global cricket authority (ICC) the CS capabilities and credentials for attaining membership for Switzerland.
2019: Adopt the Swiss Olympic Ethics Charter; include an appropriate reference in the Constitution.
2019: Identify and publicise a responsible person from the Executive for Values and Ethics
2019: Adopt Code of Conduct for Executive Committee members, and paid officials (future).
2019: Amend the Constitution to ensure inclusivity and incorporation of provisions regarding ethics and anti-doping.
2019 - 2021: Publish Swiss Olympic campaigns in monthly newsletter as required («cool & clean», clean event, etc.)
2019- 2021:  Publish on demand Swiss Olympic campaigns in the social media of CS («cool & clean», clean-event, etc.)
2019: Identify and publicise a person to whom a potential whistle-blower might report to as an alternative to a member of the executive or superior.
2019:  Encourage & publicise “Respectful promotion instead of excessive demands: Development of Youth Cricket and Coaching Trainings, Camps.
2019 - 2020: Identify the equivalent of VERSA ( in each canton.
2019: Completion and Implementation Code of Conduct (Implementation = advertising and discussion of sessions etc., as well as action).
2019: Attain ICC membership for Switzerland.
2019 – 2021: Publicise CS competitions and other activities through local, national and international media, including an up-to-date website and through social media and electronic communications.
2019: Increase publicity of competitions finals days and international events.
2019: Provide coverage of the finals on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Goal 2. Create and expand playing and development opportunities.

Strong domestic competitions are the lifeblood of the sport and the principal means of engagement of Swiss citizens and residents. Like many other European countries, cricket in Switzerland at a senior level is very much ex-pat based, including recent arrivals of displaced persons from other countries. With the continuing development of juniors, a growing number of Swiss citizens are expected to be involved in the game in the next 5 –10 years.

Key Activity

Provide robust and inclusive national competitions.


2019 – 2021: Under the responsibility of the Competitions Chairman and his/her committee, organise and manage two domestic senior men’s competitions, League (40-over league) and Cup (Twenty20).
2019 – 2021: Maintain an efficient digital cricket operations information system.
2019 – 2021: Ensure the provision of qualified umpires and scorers for each match.
2019 – 2021: Support local inter-club tournaments including the annual Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz cricket festival (an invitational event for international and Swiss clubs).
2019 – 2021: Strengthen competition at club level by pro-active placement of maturing junior players in League and Cup teams.
2019 – 2021: Support St Moritz Cricket Club’s annual unique Cricket-on-Ice event on the frozen lake in St Moritz.
2020: Support the Ice-Cricket initiative in the capacity of national host cricket association.
2019 – 2021: Support the activities of Twenty20 International, and Basel Dragons CC, in the organisation of summer cricket camps.
2019 – 2021: Organise and manage a Whitsun youth cricket camp with Hampshire County Cricket Coaches.
2019 – 2021: Publicise CS activities through the various local, national and international media.
2019-2021: Create opportunities for CS membership of non-traditional forms of cricket, encourage other local events and competitions (soft and hard-ball), day and club soft-ball tournaments.
2019 – 2021: Publicise unacceptable behaviour and sanctions.


Goal 3. Enhance junior skills and opportunities.

Development of juniors is essential to the success of Swiss cricket, through the eventual inclusion of young players in national clubs and international senior teams. Furthermore, it provides a very good opportunity to involve Swiss youth in the sport.

Key Activity

Continue and expand junior development programmes


2019 – 2021: Maintain junior development under the responsibility of the Cricket Switzerland Youth Development Officer, assisted by designated coaches at each age group at club level and two at international level.
2019 – 2021: Considering the travel distances involved, continue competitions for juniors at all age levels, i.e. U11, U13, U15, U17 & U19 in indoor tournaments at three major venues (Gingins, Basel and Zurich), plus outdoors in the summer in Zurich, Cossonay and Geneva.
2019 – 2021: Continue participation of Swiss junior clubs at all age groups at the annual Junior Zuoz Tournament at the Lyceum Alpinum.
2019 – 2021: Undertake tours including to England with the junior national teams (Under 11, 13 and 15 squads).
2019 – 2021: Continue the association with Germany, France, Belgium & Luxembourg at U19 level in the European U19 tournament.
2019 – 2021: Introduce cricket to more school children, encourage their participation, and give instruction.
2019 – 2021: Run one Youth Cricket Camp each year.
2019 – 2021: Recognise talent in each age group through the annual Bob Barber Awards.
2019: Consider interest and feasibility of introducing a junior cricket activity in Berne.


Goal 4. Improve international competitiveness.

International competitions provide a sure means of measuring the development of cricket at the national level. With the possibility of cricket becoming an Olympic Sport in 2024, there will be increased attention given to the international arena.

Key Activity

Participation in international competitions and strengthening the national squad.

2019 – 2021: Support the Central Europe Development League through co-operation with the Czech Republic, Poland and Luxembourg associations. Further improve communications and co-operation with Malta, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Iceland.
2019: Compete in at least one multi-nation international Tournament and / or matches against other nations in the Central Europe      Development League.
2019 – 2021: Develop a more talented and larger squad by requiring playing clubs to actively participate in the identification of and facilitation of the involvement of the best players.
2019 – 2021: Maintain the current level of activity by competing at all junior age levels against other European nations in local tournaments.


Goal 5. Enhance skills development.

Coaching, umpiring and scoring are all critically-important and essential activities of Cricket Switzerland that must be maintained to ensure the sport’s integrity and development.

Key Activity

Conduct coaching, umpiring and scoring sessions in the various regions.

2019: Under the umbrella of the CS coaching association and with the support of coaches from test cricket nations, organise and manage a Level 1 coaching course and a Level 2 coaching course
2019 – 2021: Organise and manage at least two coaching workshops with the support of Hampshire county coaches.
2018: 9Extend the 'boundary assessment' programme with immediate post-match de-brief of the umpire(s) assessed (to offer encouragement and improve consistency); correlation of boundary assessment reports to identify areas in which umpiring training should better focus.
2019: Continue to encourage additional scorers through participation in scoring courses including correspondence courses.


Goal 6. Ensure the participation of women.

Recognising that cricket is a popular and growing sport among women and that more opportunities need to be created for their involvement, women’s cricket is now a key element of cricket in Switzerland.

Key Activities

Create and manage regular women’s training and playing activities.

Promoting and ensuring equal treatment.

2019 – 2021: Continue organising women’s practice cricket sessions indoors.
2019 – 2021: Continue participation in international and national competitions.
2019: Develop a strategy for attracting more players and creating new clubs.
2019:). Develop the women’s wing represented by Geneva CC


Goal 7. Increase nationwide geographical club representation for traditional and other forms of cricket.

Growth in membership strengthens the association and ensures greater regional and national coverage.
Cricket Switzerland has increased its membership each year.

Key Activity

Grow the membership base.

2019 – 2021: conduct outreach and dialogue to attract additional clubs as active playing members, including in the Italian language region.
2019 – 2021: identify and conduct dialogue with non-traditional cricket organisations with a view to them becoming members of Cricket Switzerland.
2019 – 2021: Incorporating soft-ball cricket to meet our ambitious target of growing membership, and participation in the sport by 10% per     annum.

Goal 8. Improve facilities, infrastructure, equipment and clothing. Reduce club and player costs.

Grounds, facilities, infrastructure, equipment and clothing need to be continually maintained and/or updated to keep pace with cricket development needs and trends. One of the obstacles to development of the sport is the cost of providing and maintaining grounds and pitches and the individual costs to players.

Key Activities

Maintain optimum standards of playing grounds, infrastructure, equipment and clothing.
Attract more commercial sponsorship and institutional funding.

2019: Equip all teams with coloured uniforms.
2018: Continue to trial pink-coloured balls from additional manufacturers.
2019: Ensure that suitable First-Aid kits continue to be available by host clubs for all matches; conduct First-aid training courses.
2019 – 2021: Reduce the cost burden on clubs and players (maintaining playing grounds and pitches and purchasing equipment) by attracting more commercial sponsorship and funding from sporting and other institutions. In doing so, ensure that all venues used for competitions have a recognised suitable cricket pitch.


The Cricket Switzerland Development Plan has been endorsed by Swiss Olympic.


Cricket Switzerland

If you have any questions regarding Cricket Switzerland's Development Plan and wish to make comment, please address your question, statement or concern to the Honorary Secretary, Ken McKeown.

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