Annual Report 2018

1. President's review

Alexander D. Mackay, President

Another very constructive year has passed, and the association continues to go from strength to strength, thanks not least to the great work by all the members of my executive, those leading each of our member clubs and those supporting cricket in whatever capacity they choose to do so.


2018 began as members of Swiss Olympic, a momentous achievement for cricket in Switzerland. This is the single most important milestone for the sport in this country as, for the first time; we can now claim that cricket is a recognised Swiss sport.

Membership of Swiss Olympic not only provides crucial financial support to the sport, it also inspires us to comply with the sporting vales of the Olympic movement in providing transparency, respect, good behaviour & best practices and accountability.

Also significant in 2018 was the realisation of St Moritz Ice Cricket. St Moritz Ice Cricket witnessed many of the sport’s greatest stars play in two exhibition Twenty20 matches on the lake in St Moritz.
In parallel with the Cricket On Ice amateur version that has been running for 30 years, St Moritz Ice Cricket welcomed the likes of Virender Sehwag, Mohammad Kaif, Jacques Kallis, Graeme Smith, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akthar, Matt Prior, Mahela Jayawardene, Andrew Symonds, Michael Hussey, Lasith Malinga, Aiden Andrews, Rohan Jain... the list goes on.
I was honoured to be a part of the organization committee that provided us a platform to show off Switzerland to the cricketing world. It was televised live in India, South Africa, Pakistan & Australia, to the largest audience for any sporting event in Switzerland. And I welcome the sequel to this planned by Vijay Singh and his team for 2020.

Cricket Switzerland embraces all forms of cricket and encourages participation at every level. It is important to underline that the association is not exclusively for the hard-ball game but that it also supports other forms. The website actively demonstrated this with our encouragement and publicity of such events such as the Olten Tennis Ball Cricket Competition and the good work by Father Devid in Basel at the Village Family Cricket Fun Day.
In the past we have reached out to these forms of cricket in an attempt to bring them under the national umbrella, efforts that to date have not been successful.

The achievements of our seniors, ladies & juniors were plentiful and have been well documented on the website, which, along with our social media presence and monthly eNewsletter, continues to play an important role in the communication of all our efforts to develop cricket as a sport in Switzerland.

I look forward to overseeing the organisation again in 2019, in providing the leadership & creative encouragement required to enable all our ambitions to come true and in representing the sport at the various meetings of Swiss Olympic, ICC and other organizations domestically & internationally.


2. Administration

Ken McKeown, Honorary Secretary

This is a summary report on the administration of Cricket Switzerland in Season 2018. For the purposes of this report, activities and meetings that took place between the AGM of 2018 and the AGM of 2019 are included. Full details of all key decisions taken are to be found in the official meeting records.
Cricket Switzerland members were kept informed on a regular basis of developments chiefly via the Cricket Switzerland website, in Newsletters and during the various meetings.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The fourth Cricket Switzerland AGM since the creation of the organisation in 2014 (at an Inaugural General Meeting) was held in Berne on 24 February 2018.
Zurich Lions CC was accorded Associate status, having been an Affiliate member for the previous twelve months.
Zug CC and Association de Cricket Genevoise (AGC) were welcomed as new Affiliate members.
The minutes of the AGM contain details of the discussions and decisions.

The Council is required to meet at least at least once each year about one month prior to the start of each season.
The Council met for the first time in Season 2018 on 24 February. It also met on 13 October 2018.
Council adopted the Operational/Development Plan for Season 2018-2020.
The minutes of the Council meetings contain details of the discussions and decisions.
Council meeting minutes are considered by the subsequent Council.

Executive Committee
The EC managed the affairs of Cricket Switzerland in accordance with its Constitution and in line with the decisions and instructions of the IGM and the Council.
In 2018 the members were:
President                    Alexander Mackay
Vice President                    Abraham Koshy
Honorary Secretary                Kenneth McKeown
Honorary Treasurer                Clive-William Denney
Competitions Chairman            Asvin Lakkaraju
International Match Manager            Christopher Lodge
Youth Development Officer            Michael Hall
Sponsorship Co-ordinator            Matthew Martin
Women’s Cricket Development Officer     Veena Mampilly
Publicity Co-ordinator                Farid Din

The Committee met on four occasions between the 2018 and 2019 AGMs, in May, July (twice) and October 2018 and is scheduled to meet once more on 23 February 2019. Issues that required higher consideration or decision were referred to the Council or the AGM. 

The members of Cricket Switzerland in Season 2018 were:

Basle Dragons Juniors
Geneva International
Geneva Region Youth
Geneva Sri Lankans
Geneva X1 Stars


Association Genevoise de Cricket
Cricket Coaches Association of Switzerland
Lyceum Alpinum
St. Moritz
Zurich Sapphires

The Cricket Switzerland website was kept up to date throughout the season. A regular Newsletter continued to complement the website; the objective remained as publicising Cricket Switzerland activities and news monthly, depending on available information and newsworthy topics. Other issues were addressed to members by email from the Secretary.

Relations with key sporting bodies

Swiss Olympic
Membership of Swiss Olympic (SO), commenced on 1 January 2018, at which time 2018 Cricket officially became a national Swiss sport, under the auspices of Cricket Switzerland.
Representatives of Cricket Switzerland participated in all meetings and events that it was required or was beneficial to do so.

International Cricket Council (ICC)
Switzerland’s membership of the ICC remained cancelled.

Cricket Switzerland agreed to a unification process initiated by the ICC in June 2018, the aim of which is to create a new organisation, underpinned by a new Constitution and an Executive Committee voted in by all eligible members.
Progress has been slow. At the time of preparation of this report the first step, to prepare a new Constitution had not been completed. Cricket Switzerland officials continued to make representations to the ICC on this matter throughout the year.


3. Finances

Honorary Treasurer, Clive-William Denney

I would open this year's report by thanking each club for agreeing (in Treasurer's absence at last AGM) to re-instate payments {though still subsidised} for cricket balls (income generated CHF2'454) – this helped greatly in facing continual cost pressure; and even though the financial challenges envisaged in last year's report (re. loss of sponsorship) were diluted through the subsequent funding received from Swiss Olympic, 2018 remained a year of significant financial challenge.
Whilst end of year cash on account of CHF 10'821 is in line with our annual target balance of CHF 10'000, ultimately this was only achieved through deferring this year's cricket ball purchase through to 2019 (CHF3'900). In short, for 2018, CS posted a cash loss of CHF 1'282 within an overall negative position of -CHF 4'518 (an increase of CHF 1'885 / 72% over 2017.
For full transparency the final version of the 2018 Budget (actual vs budgeted) has been updated and is available as an attachment. Variances of particular note are as follows:

2018 Income
Sponsorship: SO member payment of CHF 4'000 was the only sponsorship payment received in the financial year;
Nati XI: whilst contributions would look to have increased, this is simply due to income from an additional tour.

2018 Expenditure
Professional Fees: In revision of auditor arrangements (to satisfy SO & Swiss Law requirements), an additional cost of CHF1'615 per annum is now necessarily incurred – Auditor has agreed to review this cost for 2020; 


Nati XI

The 2018 Treasurer's report questioned the sustainability of 2 Nati tours each year given the perennial under recovery of Nati costs. Nevertheless, and despite the loss of the SwitzT sponsorship (as dedicated to the Nati XI), 3 tours were actually undertaken in 2018. Not only did the under recovery of tour costs increase to CHF4'792 (+41%), with bets players unable afford repeated tours, there is strong argument that the quality of the Nati XI was greatly diminished and the reputation of Swiss Cricket was not enhanced.

On a 'positive' note, however, challenged on the quality of its service, our Nati kit supplier (Wintech), by way of recompense, has offered to fully sponsor all Nati clothing requirements for the upcoming Season - an equivalent injection of funding of CHF2'700 (based on 2018 offtake).

Equipment Purchase (new cost line): several unbudgeted items were pushed through either at AGM and or arose as seemingly urgent requirements – i.e. mandatory medical kits for each club, CS flags & banners, & CS kit bags – total unbudgeted cost of CHF 3'825 (excluding the additional Nati kit requirements).

Treasurer's Proposal
With cost pressure of Nati kit removed and no other significant outlay currently foreseen for 2019, Treasurer would propose the following for AGM consideration:
To help address continued criticism, from certain quarters, as to the quality of umpiring, in addition to reimbursement of travel costs, Treasurer proposes the introduction of 'match fees' to be paid to qualified umpires – payments to be conditional upon minimal appearance and qualification requirements. Treasurer would propose an additional annual sum of CHF 1'000 is allocated to swissFOCUS for this purpose (subject to swissFOCUS acceptance of the more detailed 'match fee' proposal). Total swissFOCUS allocation would rise to CHF 5'000 p.a.;


Closing comment
During the course of the season, CS was invited to become a founder member of the ECL ('European Cricket League). Participation would have generated significant annual revenue over many years for both participating CS Club(s), as well as for Cricket Switzerland overall. Regrettably, complaint from other nations as to CS's ICC status meant the invitation was necessarily withdrawn. Continued ICC prevarication is now having a material effect on CS finances; Treasurer would recommend a significant shift in the current 'passive' approach to ICC and its consequences.


4. Senior competitions

Asvin Lakkaraju, Competitions Manager

Cricket Switzerland has completed yet another successful season, which included competitive cricket dominated by youngsters, and a new era of Swiss cricketers have well and truly arrived on the scene.
I begin this report by sharing with you the details of changes made to the rules and regulations in Swiss Cricket. A stringent code of conduct was introduced to deal with player transgressions in 2018 including putting up the details of the player misconduct on the website. All youngsters below the age of 18 years are now obliged to use all the protective equipment available including helmets when playing in the official games. First aid kits were supplied to all the clubs free of charge and it was mandatory for teams to have them on the scorer’s desk before the game starts. The association now makes every effort to ensure that players are more aware and educated about the injuries. With most of the cricket now standardized in Switzerland, there were no changes in the actual playing conditions in 2018.
As with the previous year’s, digital scorecards have been extensively used by the clubs and scorecards from every game are now archived on CricHQ. Overall 2018 saw 109 official games played across all the formats breaking the previous year record of 102 games. Despite challenges associated with organizing so many games, I am proud to inform you that all the games had neutral officials.

Cricket Switzerland Premier League
2018 once again saw the quality of cricket go up a notch supported by influx of new players and extremely good weather. A total of 56 games were played encompassing both divisions and the knock out phases. We saw Zug CC as new entrant into the association and participated in CSPL as part of the Eastern Division. Eastern Division was dominated by Nomads CC and St Gallen CC in the league phase and Nomads CC won the group piping St Gallen CC. In Western division, Geneva CC was a class above the rest of the division, winning all the games comfortably and looked like a team destined to go deep into the tournament. The quarterfinals however saw a repeat of 2017 and all the four semi-finalists ended up being from Eastern Division. The first semi-final between Nomads and Olten saw one of the best games of the season with Olten defeating the defending champions by the smallest of margins, 1 run. In the second semi-finals St Gallen comfortably defeated Power CC. The finals were played in the Grundenmoos stadium which was filled with spectators, mostly locals who came to support St Gallen. For the first time in Swiss Cricket history the game was broadcasted live on Youtube, a sign of things to come. Probably in one of the best finals played over the last few years, both teams gave everything they had and St Gallen thanks to sensational cricket by their youngsters managed to become 2018 CSPL Champions. Congratulations to St Gallen CC.

Mr. Pickwick Cup T20
2018 once again saw teams being extremely competitive in T20 games. St Gallen CC looked the team apart right from the beginning with their power hitters. They remained unbeaten throughout the league phase in Eastern division recording comfortable victories against every team. Power CC came in second to qualify for the PT20 finals day. Western Division saw see saw battle till the last weekend and Bern CC reinvigorated by the youth came in as group leaders with Geneva CC closely following in and qualifying for the finals. The first semi-final between Bern CC and Power CC; saw Bern CC winning a thrilling chase and qualifying for the finals. The second semi-final saw St Gallen comfortably defeating Geneva CC. The finals saw favourite St Gallen CC winning the championship comfortably. Congratulations to St Gallen CC.


On behalf of league committee and all the members associated with organization of these tournaments, I would like to extend my congratulations to St Gallen CC for the double in 2018. Well Done!!

Spirit of Cricket
We once again had issues with the on-field behaviour of some of the players. The league committee acted swiftly and stringently and the guilty were duly punished. To discourage players from such behaviour, we have decided to include the player name and details of the transgressions on the website to bring it to everyone’s notice. These efforts to regulate player behaviour were applauded by Swiss Olympic.
It is very important for clubs to ensure that cricket is played with respect, obeying the rules and in the right spirit and Cricket Switzerland has over the years built up provisions to ensure fair play.

Cricket Administrations is indeed a thankless job, where you cannot keep everyone happy at all the times. The successful running of the league competitions does involve lot of administrative work and I would like to take the opportunity of this report to thank the people who have immensely contributed in successful running of the competitions over the last year:

1.    Mr. Abraham Koshy
2.    Mr. Alex Mackay
3.    Mr. Clive Denney
4.    Mr. Hascal Gallop
5.    Mr. Gowreesan Navaratnaraysa
6.    Mr. Matthew Martin
7.    Mr. Ken McKeown
8.    sFOCUS
9.    Cricket Switzerland Executive Committee

To conclude the report, I would like to thank all the Clubs, Sponsors and CS Executive committee for their unwavering support, and I look forward to an exciting 2019 season.


5. Junior cricket

Michael Hall, Youth Development Officer

2018 has seen another successful year for Junior cricket in Switzerland.

Junior cricket in Switzerland is only made possible by a purely voluntary effort of parents and coaches, putting in time and many kilometres for the future generation of cricketers. Junior Cricket is played in age groups of Under 11 and below, 13s, 15s, 17s and 19s. Clubs and schools with active junior participation are:

●    Basel Dragons Junior Cricket Club
●    Cossonay Cricket Club
●    La Châtaigneraie School (Ecole Internationale de Geneve)
●    Geneva Youth Regional Cricket Club
●    Gingins Cricket Club
●    Lyceum Alpnium
●    Zurich Crickets Cricket Club

It is estimated there are upwards of 450 juniors playing cricket in Switzerland.

The highlight of the junior season, the Zuoz Cricket Festival (16 & 17 June) was a success once again and was blessed by glorious weather. Many thanks to the sports master, Paul Miles, at the Lyceum Alpinum and the organisers for putting on the tournament. Due to school trips and other obligations, a few of the U11 regulars were away so a tournament between three “franchise” sides was organised, plus a ZCCC vs Rest of Switzerland match. La Chataigneraie School continued their success to win the U13 event and Basel Dragons the U15. Congratulations to them all.

There was also the fourth instalment of the other outdoor competition, the Suisse Romande Cup, hosted by Cossonay at U11 and U13, which rounded out the outdoor season. Congratulations to La Chat (U13) for their wins. The U15 event, hosted by GICC and Gingins was played with mixed teams and was a very competitive event. The start of the 2018/19 season was once again marked by the Leman Cup where a team from the East of Switzerland (Basel & Zurich) take on the best of the West (Cossonay, Gingins, GRYCC, La Chat). This time the weather was good, and players, parents and coaches enjoyed some thrilling cricket with the U13 event going to the last ball!

The start of the year saw the Basel Indoor tournament with the U13 event in particular very well attended with teams from Basel, Cossonay, La Chat, Luxembourg, Swiss U11s, Zurich Crickets and Zurich Sapphires. and split over two locations on the first day. Congratulations to Zurich (U11s), Swiss U11s (U13s) and Basel (U15s) for their wins.

The year was wrapped up with the Gingins Indoor tournaments in November. The U11 trophy was won by a Basel/Cossonay side. The U13s event was a thriller with one game ending in a tie and Luxembourg ultimately prevailing with a 1 wicket win. The U15s event was also close with GRYCC ultimately winning the title. Gingins also hosted match day for U19s.

The clubs also continued the commitment to quality coaching Basel continuing their summer camp with Twenty20 Cricket Company, camps with Scott Newman and Zurich Crickets hosting camps with coaches from Hampshire.

At the international level, national coaches were selected for the age groups, and squads were picked for a number of tours to the UK at U11, U13, U15 and U19.

The Swiss U11s toured Surrey over the Ascension long weekend, playing 6 matches in four days as well as a training session hosted by Twenty20. They played a number of club sides such as East Molesey, Valley End, Rokeby School, T20 Academy, Weybridge and Windsor and won 4 of their 6 matches.

The U13s also toured Surrey with the U11s, playing matches against Capel, Weybridge, Tiffin and Rokeby Schools, Farnham and the T20 Academy.

After the success of last year, all three age groups were invited to the Coloured Clothing Tournament in August. The U11s and U13s were hosted at Leicester Grammar School and the U15s at Leicester University. All three age groups performed well in an intense week of cricket.

The U19s were invited to compete in the Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools Tournament in Barbados, and performed better than expected (winning half their games) against some tough competition.

Bob Barber Awards 2018
The junior season concludes by recognising the outstanding junior players with the Bob Barber Awards. The 2018 winners are:

U11 - Sasha Hall (ZCCC)
U13 - Kabir Mehta (Cossonay)
U15 - James West (BDJCC)
U17 - Dayn Pariaug (ZCCC)
U19 - Ruan Kruger & Nicholas Henderson (both ZCCC)

2019 Outlook
The 2018/19 season is well underway, and already it looks like it will be another competitive one!
Future Pitch Lengths
Following action from Cricket Australia, the ECB have recommended new pitch lengths for junior cricket, impacting U9, U11 and U13s. These see the pitches shortened by 2-3yards in an effort to reduce wides and provide batters with more playable deliveries. An experiment at the recent Basel U11 indoor tournament showed this to be the case and given the tours to the UK will be played under these conditions it is recommended for Cricket Switzerland to follow suit.


6. International Manager

Chris Lodge, International Match Manager

David Barmes Memorial Trophy
The year started with a highly competitive David Barmes Memorial Trophy  (DBMT) match in which a Cricket Switzerland (CS) plays against the previous seasons CSPL champions (Zurich Nomads in this case).
In an exciting finish, Nomads scored a one-run victory in the last over (224AO v’s CS XI 223AO). The CS XI is a team composed of one player from each of as many CS clubs as possible. In this match eight clubs were represented. In 2019 the aim is to have every CS club represented.

First Tour
The first tour of the season was the Central European Cup, which is a 50 over ODI tournament in Prague. CS had a strong squad for this tour and despite a few late withdrawals due to injuries and family issues, there were players happy to step in at the last minute to cover.
The squad played every match well and in temperatures of 30degrees. After a win against the Czech ICC team and a closer win against the Czech international XI (not all qualified for the then upcoming ICC tournament in Netherlands) the game against Luxembourg was key as they had beaten the Czech team and lost to the Czech international XI. With the two Czech teams playing each other on the last day, three teams could win the trophy. Luxembourg won the toss elected to bat and were dismissed for 171. CS passed this total for the loss of just 2 wickets, giving the Swiss team a clean sweep and the trophy. Highlights of the tournament were two 50’s for Aidan Andrews and a five-wicket haul and bowler of the tournament for Afzaal Sikander.

Second Tour
The second tour was the T20 championships in Warsaw which was held slightly earlier than the previous year, causing players some issues with time away. with Matches were played against Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.
With very close last over defeats against both Hungary and Poland the squad hoped to get a win against Ukraine. Unfortunately, this was where crickets’ biggest unplannable factor, the weather, played a big part. The match was abandoned due to rain, as was play in the 3rd & 4th match the following day. The team performance was good despite the overall result not looking good as with only 2 matches completed. Switzerland had Tom Mampilly 2nd in the tournament fielding, Shahnawaz Mohammad in the top 6 bowlers and both Aidan Andrews (posting another 50) and Shahnawaz in the top 4 batters. Given other teams played 1 or 2 additional matches, these were great performances.

Third Tour
The final tour was put together to support the development of cricket in Iceland where friend of Cricket Switzerland coach Darren Talbot is involved with the grass roots. As this was not an international block out weekend the squad was selected from players available despite it being a CSPL weekend. The squad was also impacted by visa issues and players unable to play through injury, Rhett Andrews who was there supporting the team, was happy to play as 12th man, as he had done in previous tours.
This tour was to be an ODI on the Saturday and T20 on Sunday at St Georges School, London. Unfortunately, the weather once more played a large part. Firstly, on the Friday due to storms all round Europe flights into Heathrow were either delayed or cancelled meaning many of the squad did not arrive until the early hours of Saturday the latest around 07.30 Saturday. The game commenced and Iceland batted first but the performance levels from the team were not what would normally be expected, with a number of fielding errors and dropped catches. Coupled with a strong batting performance by the it’s top order, Iceland made the most of its chances. The total of 332 in 50 overs, including 134 from D Bandara and a 50 from captain Deonarain was a formidable total and with the lack of sleep that was a major cause of the concentration lapses in the field now affecting the batting and the scoreboard pressure, it proved too much. After a chat in the changing room following the game, a positive Swiss team went back to the hotel to be ready to deliver the performance they all expected of themselves in the T20 on Sunday.
Again, the weather intervened and with storms hitting west London overnight and minor flooding in the area the match on Sunday was abandoned by the School with the ground unfit for play.
This was not the end to the season we would have hoped for. Nevertheless, we did have 25 players represent Switzerland this year across the three tours, all I hope with some good memories of playing international cricket for Switzerland

I wish to thank again all the players who took part in all the tours this season for taking the time off work, the time away from family, making the financial commitment to play in these games and also to those not initially selected for “moving mountains” to step in when there was a need. These tours cannot happen without your commitment, passion and flexibility!

I look forward to next season defending the CE cup and taking on both new and well-known opponents around Europe!!


7. Women's development

Veena Mampilly, Women’s Cricket Development Officer

Year 2018, saw a slow but steady progress in the area of Women’s cricket in Switzerland. With the completion of 3 years in 2018, since the inception of Zurich Sapphires CC, an initiate formed to promote Women’s Cricket, it was highly important to ensure the sustainability of the only Women’s club amidst the obvious challenges.
Regular Indoor and Outdoor training, in addition to the participation in the Hampshire Coaching session has helped to up the standards of Women’s Cricket and attract more Women Cricketers.
Continued participation of Women in Regional and International Tournaments be it the regional Junior Basel Indoors, Junior Zuoz Tournament and the International Womens tournament in La Managa, Spain.
This year a team of 6 Women players represented the Zurich Sapphires team in the La Manga Tournament organized by the La Manga Cricket association. The tournament comprised of teams from 6 different countries including Switzerland with different levels of Cricket. It was a great opportunity for the Swiss girls to learn from the other teams and also get an opportunity to play Cricket on a well-maintained Cricket pitch.
A big thanks to all the supporters, sponsors and tournament organizers for their continued encouragement for Women Cricketers.

2018 also saw the inception of  Women’s wing in Geneva represented by Geneva CC. With the growing interest in Cricket, this is indeed a great step forward and would be an area for development in 2019.


8. Publicity

Farid Din, Publicity co-ordinator
This was my first stint in this position of finals co-ordinator to help improve the image of Cricket Switzerland and its ability to provide better presentation of the finals in Switzerland.
Being a player myself I have heard numerous comments on the quality of food being provided as well as the ability to provide a more professional feel at the finals.
I admit that my method of delivery may have been a little unorthodox, having the support of the committee has enabled me to ensure we make positive steps in addressing our members concerns at the finals.
Pickwick T20


Media Coverage

Not possible due to the availability of the Media person and also the restriction for DJ by the local council


Catering was provided onsite to ensure freshness and quality of food, which was witnessed by all to be of very good quality and abundance, serving 4 teams, officials and more – in most cases was multiple rounds.
Experimented also with freshly fried onsite Samosas – excellent hit with all.


Pavilions were setup to protect in case of rain and also to provide a more professional look for the league with the good display of banners.
Presentation table was decorated to ensure we provide a better feel for the medal presentation.
CS League
Excellent venue, the stadium felt like professional games and it followed with our full coverage of the game live streaming online!


Media Coverage

DJ, multiple cameras for video recording, live streaming with more than 100 people watching online!
This was a first, we wanted to reach out to a wider audience, addressing the challenges of attracting other club members that were not playing in the finals.
The venue also attracted many of the families as well as other passers-by in the stands to watch the game.

Once again this was onsite catering ensuring freshness and quality of food being provided, which serviced not only the teams/officials but also the spectators.


Once again the presentation table was well decorated and providing a back drop for the medal presentations, making it feel more professional and meaningful.
It is not an easy task, but it is worth it if it helps to promote our cricket more, even though the cost for all this was higher than originally anticipated, I think it showed the CS can put up a good show.

My personal feeling is that we still have a long way to go to attract other non-finalists’ clubs to come out and support as well as improving the presentation ceremonies, I feel the ceremony is still rushed and not providing an importance to the players.


9. Sponsorship

Gaining sponsorship for cricket in Switzerland at association-level is never an easy task. 2018 was no exception, despite the efforts of individuals including Alex Mackay, Nasir Mahmood and Matthew Martin.
Mr. Pickwick Pubs continued its long association with Cricket Switzerland, maintaining its funding and naming rights for the T20 Cup.
We were fortunate to receive funding for the first time through our membership of Swiss Olympic. This will continue provided we remain Swiss Olympic members. Hopefully, in time, the Swiss Olympic membership will prove to be beneficial in gaining the attention and support of private entities.
We lost our senior shirt sponsor SwizT, though in 2019 Wintech will be the international team shirt sponsor.

We look to our wider membership base as the search continues for other major sponsors.