30 years of cricket in Cossonay

Cossonay Cricket Club 1989 - 2019

by Andrew Lovell

The month of June will be the momentous occasion in the history of Cossonay Cricket Club,  it will be the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club, writes Andy Lovell (President, Cossonay Cricket Club).

A modern day cricket match at En Marche in Cossonay
A modern day cricket match at En Marche in Cossonay

Cossonay Cricket Club has come a long way since its humble beginning back in 1989 by a group of people who were keen to play the game. They started with very little equipment, no pitch, a lot of enthusiasm and the dream that some day we would have their own dedicated cricket ground on which to play our favourite sport.

With the help & support of the commune of Cossonay, and support from some great sponsors, the club has grown in stature into a well renowned sporting facility. Cossonay consider themselves extremely lucky to have their own ground, where many other clubs in Switzerland: in Geneva; Zürich; Winterthur, have to share grounds and compete for home fixtures. 

Over the years CCC has hosted a number of international teams who’ve come to play in Cossonay. Galah CC from NSW Australia, Freiburg Germany, as well as an English bank & English Insurance company.  In 2003 they hosted a team from Holland, the first game played on the new pitch. 

Cossonay have also built up a successful junior section, with teams of under U11’s, U13’s, U15’s & U17’s and have had a number of both juniors & senior plays selected to play for the Swiss National teams.

(l) Cossonay match in the early years and (r) a recent match. The most noticable difference is pyjama cricket kit,

but you'll also there was no umpire in the earlier photo.

Here is a summary of the last 30 years.  


18th June 1989: It was a warm summers evening on the terrace of the tennis club buvet, where the very first meeting to form Cossonay Cricket Club was held. 

1989: The first Sunday we got the team together for our first ever knock around, was on the football club’s practice pitch. The grass was quite long, so one member came along with his lawn mower, and we cut a lovely strip in the centre of the pitch. Five minutes later the president of the football club was red in the face screaming at us, to clear off and leave the grass alone. Our elected PRO was dispatched on his first job for the club to calm things down.                                                   

It was on this day that we found out what the big clump of trees at the end of the ground were for. Somebody hit a mighty six down the ground & the ball disappeared into the trees. We found a big  pond, which was the drainage sump for the whole ground, which was full of water.

Some years later: We had built a good number of playing members in the club and started to amass quite a fixture card, playing home & away games every Sunday. In those days it was truly an international club, with players from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and many many more as well. We got our first coconut fibre matting, which had to be brought out from the lockup & nailed down before each game. It actually played quite well (if the grass was cut short)                                                                                         

19.08.1990: Our first competitive cricket match Cossonay CC played was against Basel CC

Our first Win : The  club had been established for a good few years and we’d built quite a good base of players. We’d played a good number of games, but we’d just not got that elusive first victory.        

It was one hot & sticky Sunday afternoon, the team travelled to Bern to play a match against Bern’s 2nd Xl. We’d played them a number of times, but never won. Until this day. Batting first, we knock up quite a reasonable score of 82 runs. Then we took to the field and played our hearts out and defeated the mighty Bern CC, bowling them all out for 66. As you can imagine everybody was in a jubilant mood, until we had to drive home in really heavy thunderstorm.

But that was it, we were on the road.

1994: We were elected as members of the Swiss Cricket Association (Now Cricket Switzerland) and started playing league matches.

2002 Swiss Expo: This was the huge exhibition which took place in Yverdon. A show that exhibited everything about Switzerland. In the show was the EXPO games, which demonstrated every sport within the country. We were asked to team up with Winterthur CC to demonstrate Cricket. We had coaches over from the ECB at Lords.

The event was deemed to be very successful, that the ECB donated both clubs with the materials to build an all weather playing pitch. 

2003 Our own dedicated pitch: A year or so before, the commune had given us permission to use a piece of ground as a Cricket ground. But we had to do a considerable amount of work to get it into shape. The materials arrived & we got a contractor in to lay the pitch. It was a dream come true, we had our own ground with a superb new pitch, and it played far better than any of the pitches we had been playing on. So much so, Cossonay held the SCA league final on our ground.

2006 La Piste: The commune gave us the right to set up our own indoor training facility, in and old disused transformer building. The place was ideal, but again needed a huge amount of work to transform it into shape. We also had storage room to keep our kit in over the winter. To launch the new training piste, the mayor of Cossonay agreed to cut the ribbon, and was the first person to face the bowling machine.

2018: The commune advise us that they had placed a demolition order on the building, so unfortunately we had to vacate the premises. 

2009 - 20th Anniversary: We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the club in style at the old wooden canteen building (since demolished, now the Cossonay Arena) with a curry dinner.

2013 - Our first Trophy: This year would see great things from the CCC. it was the first time the club had reached the finals of a Swiss national competition. Cossonay reached the finals of the Pickwick Cup T20 competition. And we WON. We’d won our first piece of Silverware after 24 years.

2014 - 25th Anniversary: We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the club by inaugurating the clubhouse, which was officially opened by the mayor of Cossonay. 

2019 - 30th Anniversary: Cossonay will host CSPL Final on Sunday 6th October.

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