Zuoz International Cricket Festival

(Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June, 2019)

International Cricket Festival in Zuoz (2013)
International Cricket Festival in Zuoz (2013)

The 2019 International Cricket Festival will take place in Zuoz on 22nd & 23rd June 2019.

The Zuoz tournament, hosted by the Lyceum Alpinum, has been running annually for over twenty years and this year will involve eight teams, seven from across Europe and the hosts, the Lyceum Alpinum school team.

The festival is played in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. The school motto "mens sana in corpore sano" indicates the fundamental value of physical activities as the basis for the development of our students. We use this philosophy through sport with values such as "Team Spirit" and "Fair Play” which guide us in the physical education of our students and it is these key attributes we like to be seen displayed at the festival.


The 2019 tournament will again be a pink ball tournament and teams are encouraged to wear coloured clothing, but cricket whites/cream are also acceptable. Umpires will be in black.


A barbecue lunch will be served on both days of the tournament.


Lyceum Alpinum XI (Zuoz 2017)
Lyceum Alpinum XI (Zuoz 2017)

The hosts, the Lyceum Alpinum school team, are predominantly made up of keen but inexperienced youngsters aged between 13 and 18. As most of the students originate from Switzerland, Germany, Italy and eastern European countries, very few (if any) have prior cricketing experience. A school team player will on average have been playing cricket for roughly two years.

There are teams from elsewhere in Switzerland and from across Europe, such as Italy & Germany, and in the past further afield from the UAE and India, giving the event a truly international look & feel.

The following teams will participate in the 2018 International Cricket Festival in Zuoz: Lyceum Alpinum (hosts), Milan CC, German CC, Geneva CC, Zurich Cricket CC, Zurich Nomads, Winterthur CC & Idle CC.

  Group A 
  Club name




Lyceum Alpinum (hosts)




Milan CC




German CC




Geneva CC



5. Zurich Crickets CC  Blue/White CH
6. Zurich Nomads CC  Blue/Yellow CH
7. Winterthur CC Red/White CH
8. Idle (Lodi) CC   IT

Tournament schedule

Zuoz International Cricket Festival (23rd & 24th June 2018) 
Friday 22nd June   



Captains & Officials meeting with draw at Restaurant sur en

Apéro at Restaurant sur en for team captains, players & officials

Saturday 23rd June  
Pitch Match                                                           Officials             
Match 1 1  Lyceum Alpinum v Winterthur PB/RJ
Match 2 2  Zurich Crickets v Milan RE/RK
Match 3 3  Zurich Nomads v Idle (Lodi) TP/AS
Match 4 4  German CC v Geneva ST/AM
Saturday 23rd June
Pitch Match                                                              Officials             
Match 5 1 Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 ST/RE
Match 6 2 Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 PC/TP
Match 7 3 Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 2 AM/RJ
Match 8 4 Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 4 AS/RK
Sunday 24th June
9.30am Pitch Match                                                              Officials             
Match 9 1

Winner match 5 v Winner match 6

Match 10 2 Loser Match 5 v Loser Match 6 RK/AM
Match 11 3 Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 PC/RE
Match 12 4 Loser Match 7 v Loser Match 8 PdB/AS
Rules & Regulatons for Zuoz Senior International Tournament (v2 2019)
Rules Regulations Laws 2019 - Senior In
Adobe Acrobat Document 964.8 KB


Clubs are encouraged to score their games on a tablet or a mobile phone using the cricHQ app. The cricHQ app can be downloaded here for Android or for Apple devices. Where there is a second scorer, tehy are encouraged to use a book.
Asvin Lakkaraju will be available to give a 10 minutes introduction on how to use it during the games on the Friday evening.


2017's Pride of Umpires at the International Cricket Festival, Zuoz (24 & 25.6.2017)
2017's Pride of Umpires in Zuoz

The tournament officials, organised by Alexander Mackay of Cricket Switzerland & swissFOCUS, are all experienced & qualified umpires drawn from across Europe (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK).

They are charged to ensure that the weekend is fair and enjoyable for everyone concerned – a real celebration of a game we all love.


The services of the following officials have been secured for the tournament in 2019:

  Name Country  
 1. Alex Mackay                                             Switzerland                                      *
 2. Paul Cawsey Switzerland +
 3. Ruud Kaulingfreks Netherlands *
 4. Tom Pollich Australia *
 5. Andrew Scott Belgium *
6. Richard Eames Luxembourg *
7. Rizwan Javed England *
8. Peter de Boeck Belgium *
9. Steve Tripp Belgium *

Key: Accommodation: + Private; * School

Are you a qualified umpire and interested in standing at this tournament? Then do not hesitate to contact Mr. Alexander Mackay who will be able to furnish you with further details.

About cricket at the Lyceum Alpinum

Lyceum Alpinum

Cricket has been played at the Lyceum for over ninety years and the school pitches, at almost 1800m above sea level, are thought to be the highest in Europe. The air is thinner (only 80% of the oxygen compared to sea level) and the UV is intense - so sun cream, hats, sun glasses and a cricket jumper are all a must!

LAZ team huddle
LAZ team huddle
LAZ & Zurich Nomads
LAZ & Zurich Nomads

Further information

Should you require any further information on the International Cricket Festival in Zuoz contact either Mark Dobson or Alex Mackay

Report of the 2017 International Festival in Zuoz might also be of interest.