When Gründenmoss flickers on Pakistani screens

On Tuesday 9th October 2018 an article appeared in German in the St Galler Tagblatt (paper & online editions) after St. Gallen Cricket Club were crowned Swiss champions.
You can read Cricket Switzerland's English translation of the article below (by special permission of the St Galler Tagblatt), along with a link to the original article.

Philipp Wolf – St Galler Tagblatt, 9.10.2018

A St Gallen Cricket Club batter (in green) in action. (Image: Hanspeter Schiess)
A St Gallen Cricket Club batter (in green) in action. (Image: Hanspeter Schiess)

It was very close last Sunday. But in the end it was enough for the St. Gallen Cricket Club (SGCC) with club captain Nasir Mahmood for the Swiss championship title at Gründenmoss. "When things got tight at the end, we raised our game. I am very proud of the team performance", says Mahmood after the victory over Olten.
The triumph is the pinnacle to date of the young history of the SGCC. Only four years ago, Mahmood and two co-founders founded the club, today he already enjoys great respect in Swiss cricket. The competition appeared impressed by the surroundings at Gründenmoss. And in St. Gallen too, the team that does not consist of a single Swiss player, is slowly but surely is being talked about. Passers-by often pause on the sidelines during training sessions to observe the most unknown of sports.

Swiss cricket live in Pakistani living rooms

In the CSPL final against Olten the audience was not only from local work colleagues and acquaintances - a representative of the sports office St. Gallen was also present. In addition, the match was broadcast live on YouTube for the first time in Swiss cricket history. Gründenmoss flickered on numerous screens in Pakistan. "Both my family and my wife watched the closing stages of the match live in Pakistan," says Mahmood.
The SGCC's Pakistani mentor now hopes the championship title will simplify the search for sponsors. "So far we have been completely dependent on personal relationships for sponsorship," he says. With the growing successes and the increased presence in the media, it may one day be possible to win over local companies as well. Currently, the members of the SGCC shell out most of the equipment and travel out of their own pocket.

There are games on an international level

At a national level, efforts are underway to lead to greater financial support for clubs such as the SGCC. Thus, the Swiss cricket association, CRICKET SWITZERLAND, strives for the recognition of the International Cricket Association. This would allow the newly crowned Swiss champion from St. Gallen to participate in international competitions.

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This article originally appeared in German on St Galler Tagblatt.ch and has been translated into English for the Cricket Switzerland website.