President's Report



by Alexander D. Mackay

The role of the President encompasses a wide range of tasks & responsibilities, not least to provide leadership & vision and to inspire and supervise everything around that.

With the current team Cricket Switzerland has in place, namely the Executive and respective sub-committee members, all these things are made easy and in the knowledge that we have capable & dedicated individuals in each role.


The accomplishments in 2017 are well documented in my end of season review and the various officers' reports made available to the club representatives that will attend the AGM & Council Meetings and that will also been made available on the website. 


Creating the Cricket Switzerland brand has been the subject of a lot of effort over the years and the website & social media platforms have been put to good use in enabling us to communicate our efforts & activities effectively. My intention of leading by example is paying dividends and the determination, passion and enthusiasm with which I took up office with has never waned. It remains as strong as ever. As does my ambition to have Swiss cricket receive stronger recognition domestically & internationally.

We were able to share some good news with the world at the end of 2017, especially gaining admission to Swiss Olympic as the official guardian of cricket in Switzerland, and I am confident we will have more such successes in 2018.


There is always room for improvement as we are striving to be more professional as each season passes.


With limited resources, strategic partnerships - nationally and internationally - are critical to enabling us to accomplish our ambitions. We also require dedicated teams of individuals and need to encourage the cricket community - not only to pull together, but pull in the same direction - in order to drive our success. I look forward to working with you all in 2018.


Alexander Mackay

President & Chairman