Introducing Hascal Gollop

Hascal Gollop
Hascal Gollop

Mr Hascal Gollop was unanimously elected to the 2018 league & disciplinary panel at the Cricket Switzerland AGM in February.

For those that don't already know Hascal, we thought we'd introduce him to you.


Hascal Gollop was born in Barbados 75years ago when cricket was the only game played as boys growing up.
He moved to London in 1962 where he played for the team where he worked until 1971, when he moved to Geneva.
To his surprise he discovered that cricket was played in Geneva.
He started playing for the Geneva Cricket Club in 1972 at a time when there was only 1 other team in the area, CERN, but always experienced a full season of cricket by inviting touring sides from the UK and a British Army team that was base in Germany. And they had to travel quite a bit.


Hascal has witnessed the growth of cricket in Switzerland from the beginning until now and is still very enthusiastic and keen to help development of the game and of Cricket in Switzerland by offering his extensive years of experience.