Thirteen new Swiss umpires

Participants at the course in Winterthur (28.4.2018)
Participants at the course in Winterthur (28.4.2018)

Two Introduction to Umpiring courses ran at two ends of the country, in Geneva on Saturday 17th February and in Winterthur on Saturday 28th April 20118, resulted in all thirteen participants qualifying to stand in Swiss domestic Pickwick Twenty20 & CSPL 40 over league matches.


In total, the 2018 Swiss Federation Of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS) umpiring panel now consists of 63 umpires & scorers all of whom have been kitted out with swissFOCUS shirts, hats and jackets, scoring cards, ball counter, bowling markers and of course the latest copy of the MCC Laws of Cricket.

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Further details available from Alexander Mackay.