Gingins U13 Indoor Tournament

College Madame De Staël, 18-19 November 2018

Gingins U13 Indoor Tournament (18-19 November 2018)

Ian Coltart reports on the Gingins Cricket Club U13 Indoor touranment at the College Madame De Staël in Carouge (GE).


The Gingins U13 Indoor Cricket Tournament was held over the weekend 18/19 November at the Collège Madame de Staël in Carouge (GE).
54 players from seven clubs took part, six from Switzerland and one from Luxembourg. The priority for this tournament was that all players could play four matches over the weekend, so we decided to have six teams of 9 players, playing in two pools (including a combined Basel/GRYCC team). The teams were Basel/GRYCC, Cossonay, Gingins, La Chat, Luxembourg and Zurich. Matches consisted of 15 overs per side.

It was encouraging to see players who were new to cricket taking part and gaining their first experience of competitive cricket, alongside the more accomplished cricketers. It is important for the development of cricket in Switzerland that new players are introduced to the game, and can be included in tournaments such as this, to enhance their understanding of the game and to develop their skills in a supportive environment.

The skill level was generally high across all disciplines, and the teams played fair and hard. Captains should be congratulated on the way they organized their teams and led by example. Several of the matches had close finishes, including one drawn match between Zurich and Basel/GRYCC and the final in which Luxembourg beat La Chat by 1 wicket! This made for great spectator viewing from the gallery!

Tournament Awards

Whilst the awards were given to the players who excelled in each of the disciplines, it is important to recognise the contribution of all players that participated in the tournament, who each did their bit for the team. The awards were as follows:

Best bowler: Luca Swann (La Chat) 6 wickets for 66 runs.
Honourable mentions for Andreas Hall (Zurich) 5/57, Oscar McRae (Luxembourg) 5/67
Best batsman: Jai Sharma (Cossonay): 84 from 65 balls.
Honourable mentions for Aditya Srivastava (Gingins) 79 from 64, Sasha D (Luxembourg) 75/61
Best fielder: Charlie Grimes (Basel): 3ROs, 3 catches (including 1 C&B).
Honourable mentions for Kai Salama (La Chat) 3ROs, 3 catches, 1 stumping and Nicky Harding (Gingins U11) 3 ROs and 1 catch.
Spirit of cricket (chosen for a “special moment”): Oscar McRae (Luxembourg) for his hat-trick and 4 wickets in 5 balls.

Notes of appreciation

Huge thanks to all the coaches, umpires and scorers who helped keep the tournament on track and to schedule. Also to the parents who prepared food and drinks for the players and spectators. Special thanks to Michael Hall for organizing the scoring of the matches and for producing the match statistics.

Results summary

Match Result Summary
Pool A, match 1
La Chat vs. Luxembourg
Luxembourg won by 4 wickets Bowling: Oscar 4-9, Lydie 2-29, Rebecca 1-9 (Lux). Luca S 3-11, Thomas A 1-6 (La Chat)
Batting: Thomas A 29, Louis B 19*(La Chat). Charles KS 18, Lydie 16*(Lux)
Pool A, match 2 Basel/GRYCC vs. La Chat La Chat won by 5 runs Bowling: Connor 2-38, Thomas KS 1-5 (Basel/GRYCC). Kai 2-23, Thomas B 1-15, Luca S 1-23, Thomas L 1-8 (La Chat)
Batting: Louis B 28*, Kai 20 (La Chat). Thomas KS 17, Nitin R 12 (Basel/GRYCC)
Pool A, match 3
Luxembourg vs. Basel/GRYCC
Luxembourg won by 3 wickets Bowling: Rebecca 1-21 (Lux), George G 2-24, Connor W 1-22 (Basel/GRYCC)
Batting: Connor W 24*, Adarsh 21*, George G 20* (Basel/GRYCC). Sasha D 32*, Lydie 22*, Ayush 21* (Lux)
Pool B, match 1
Zurich    vs. Gingins
Gingins won by 2 wickets Bowling: Rory 2-11, Josh B 1-11, Mushaar 1-15 (Gingins).  Andreas H 3-15, Arkan 2-7 (Zurich)
Batting: Shankar 20, Arkan 18 (Zurich). Nicky H 25*, Owen 21* (Gingins)
Pool B, match 2
Zurich    vs. Cossonay
Zurich won by 6 wickets Bowling: Ben L 1-7, Arkan 1-11, Andreas 1-19 (Zurich). Thomas G 1-27 (Cossonay)
Batting: Jai 27* (Cossonay). Hayden 20, Shankar 20 (Zurich)
Pool B, match 3
Gingins    vs. Cossonay
Gingins won by 3 wickets Bowling: Nicky 1-5, Sushanth 1-15 (Gingins).  Roshan 1-11, Thomas G 1-22 (Cossonay)
Batting: Matthew R 31*, Thomas 22 (Cossonay) Aditya 29*, Will 22* (Gingins)
Consolation match 1
Basel/GRYCC vs. Cossonay
Basel/GRYCC won by 4 wickets Bowling: Charlie G 1-14 (Basel/GRYCC). Thomas G 2-8, Ryan S 1-27 (Cossonay).
Batting Jai 21*, Matthew R 20*, Will C 16 (Cossonay).  Charlie G 20*, Greg 16* (Basel/GRYCC)
Semi-final 1
Luxembourg vs. Zurich
Luxembourg won by 53 runs Bowling: Andreas 1-9, Roshan 1-21 (Zurich) Oscar 1-12 (Luxembourg)
Batting: Charlie KS 21*, Lydie 21*, Ayush 21* (Luxembourg). Hayden 24* (Zurich)
Semi-final 2
Gingins vs. La Chat
La Chat won by 8 wickets Bowling: Luca 2-19, Louis 1-9 (La Chat). Will 1-19 (Gingins).
Batting: Thomas 22, Louis 20 (La Chat). Aditya 21* (Gingins)
Consolation match 2 (12 overs)
Zurich vs. Basel/GRYCC
Match tied Bowling: Connor W 2-17, Charlie G 1-15 (Basel/GRYCC). Roshan 1-7, Ben 1-17 (Zurich).
Batting: Sasha H 20*, Shankar 15 (Zurich). Adarsh 22*, George G 20* (Basel/GRYCC)
Consolation match 3 (12 overs)
Cossonay vs. Gingins
Cossonay won by 47 runs Bowling: Will 2-19, Rory 1-17 (Gingins). Ryan 1-10, Thomas 1-10 (Cossonay)
Batting: Jai 21*, Matthew  17 (Cossonay). Will 18*, Aditya 16 (Gingins)
Luxembourg vs. La Chat
Luxembourg won by 1 wicket Bowling: Lydie 3-28 Tom 3-15 (Lux).  Kai 1-19, Lucas 1-12, Louis 1-17  (La Chat)
Batting: Kai 26*, Matthew 17 (La Chat). Sasha 26, Ayush 16 (Lux)

Full scorecards are available here:


Pool A

Pool B