cricHQ scoring guide

cricHQ's guide to scoring
cricHQ's guide to scoring

Cricket Switzerland chose to partner with cricHQ back in 2016.

It has enabled the association to not just score all competitive & friendly matches online, it has enabled us to streamline the player registration system from a time-consuming and expensive paper-based system, create fixture lists & scorecards and up to date league tables across all competitions and simplify immedite player & club statistics.

But to quote cricHQ, "Picking up a device for the very first time and starting to score a cricket match can be daunting". So cricHQ made a beginners guide to help guide you through how to score on CricHQ, available to you free from the cricHQ website.


Read cricHQ's guide on how to score using their mobile app or website.  Give it a go and let us know  what you think! For any additional assistance email Asvin Lakkaraju.