Competition Chairman's Report


Competition Chairman's Report - Season 2017

by Asvin Lakkaraju


With the weather gods playing their part, 2017 was a great season which saw good quality cricket and record scores dominating cricketing scenario in Switzerland.


Let me start the report by sharing with you details of changes Cricket Switzerland competitions have undergone in the last one year. Colored clothing has become the new norm among most of the clubs and with lot of youngsters taking up spots in the first teams, the quality of cricket played definitely went up a notch. As done in 2017 the digital scorecards have been extensively implemented in the official games and clubs have been provided with the opportunity to use them for their friendly fixtures. I am extremely proud to report to you all that Cricket Switzerland hosted a total of 102 official matches in 2017 across all the formats, a record in itself.   


Cricket Switzerland Premier League


2017 was a bright year for cricket in Switzerland both in terms of quality of cricket played and the spirit in which it was played by most of the teams. Cricket was ably supported by good weather with hardly any game falling prey to rain. Highlights of the year included emergence of many young players who have brought a new competitive edge to the entire competition. A special mention has to be made about the achievements of Zurich crickets, who are composed mainly of U19 players, who despite losing the games showed immense courage and spirit to play against senior teams and gave them a good run. New entrants Rhone CC and Zurich Lions CC performed well in the competition and were well rewarded with some impressive victories.
 Geneva CC  were in spectacular form through our the league phase and topped the western division without losing a single game. Geneva Sri Lankan CC came in second losing just one game followed by Cossonay CC and GICC. Eastern division saw many close games and once again defending champion Nomads CC topped the group closely followed by St Gallen CC, Power CC and Olten CC respectively. The quarterfinals however resulted in all the teams from eastern division winning and qualifying for the semi-finals. An aberration, I am sure that teams in western division will try their best to change in 2018 season. Two extremely close semifinals games which could have gone anyway resulted in Nomads CC and Olten CC qualifying for the finals and for the coveted trophy. Both these teams qualified for the finals second time in a row and the finals indeed was a very exciting affair and Nomads CC pipped to the trophy by 13 runs and were duly crowned as CSPL Champions for a second time in row. Congratulations to Nomads CC for achieving this victory second time in a row.

Swiss Mr. Pickwick Cup T20


2017 season saw teams building upon the power-hitting strategies they have developed in the previous season and this took cricket to a whole new level in the country an example of which is the fact that seven players scored centuries in the shorter format of the game. Geneva CC led the efforts in that aspect when they scored an unimaginable 400 runs in a T20 game (something that will be hard to replicate again for any of the teams!!). Geneva Sri Lankan CC and Olten CC from west and east respectively, qualified for the PT20 finals day without losing a single game. Geneva CC and St Gallen CC were the remaining two teams who qualified for the finals day. A tremendous atmosphere was created on the finals day that included both the semi-finals and the finals, with the game fantastically hosted by Bern CC and all the teams well supported by the sporting crowd that descended onto the venue of the finals, Schönau. As with CSPL, both the eastern division teams qualified for the finals. An unfortunate incident during one of the semi-finals resulted in one the players being seriously injured. It is an important reminder to all of us that we should ensure all protective equipment is used by the players, to avoid such accidents in the future. The finals of PT20 resulted in a comfortable victory for Olten CC, who were the well-deserved champions in the T20 format and congratulations to them.

Spirit of Cricket


Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game: @MCC.


With the competition getting intense unfortunately the player behaviour this season was not to the standards that we expect and strive to achieve. A series of complaints were registered against several players for their behaviour against umpires in particular and all the cases, the individuals involved were dealt with by the disciplinary committee. It is very important for clubs to ensure that cricket is played with respect, obeying the rules and in the right spirit and Cricket Switzerland has over the years built up provisions to ensure fair play.
2018 will see a change in the actions that will be enforced by the disciplinary committee for player transgressions. A tougher code of conduct will be enforced from 2018 season and we encourage all the clubs to also issue a behaviour guidance to their players.



Cricket administration is indeed a thankless job, where you cannot keep everyone happy at all the times. The successful running of the league competitions does involve lot of administrative work and I would like to take the opportunity of this report to thank the people who have immensely contributed in successful running of the competitions over the last year:

1. Mr. Abraham Koshy

2. Mr. Alex Mackay

3. Mr. Clive Denney

4. Mr. Philippe Gimmel

5. Mr. Tom Mampilly

6. Mr. Pardeep Kumar

7. Mr. Ken McKeown


9. Cricket Switzerland Executive Committee
To conclude the report, I would like to thank all the clubs, sponsors and CS executive committee for their unwavering support and I look forward to an exciting 2018 season.
Yours sincerely,

Asvin Lakkaraju