Zuoz Cricket Festival Report

(Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June, 2018)

After two days of cricket contested by 8 teams, the MCC beat Milan in the final to win the 2018 International Cricket Festival in Zuoz (23rd & 24th June 2018).

The Lyceum Alpinum (hosts), the MCC, Idle (Lodi) CC & German CC made up group A while Geneva CC, Milan CC, the Swiss U19s & Zurich Nomads made up group B.

Day One

The first round of matches began at 9am on Saturday 23rd June. The newly founded German Cricket Club beat the hosts and Miland beat the Swiss U19s, but the surprise was defending champions Zurich Nomads losing to Geneva by 7 wkts on Pitch 3.

In round 2 the MCC beat the hosts and German CC beat Idle (Lodi) CC and Zurich Nomads beat Milan by the slimmest of margins.

In the final two games of day one (round 3) the MCC beat Idle (Lodi) & Geneva beat the Swiss U19s.

Day Two

The second day began half an hour later than day one, with the fourth round of matches beginning at 9.30am.

Milan managed to beat Geneva in the less than 11.4 overs calculations to qualify for the final later that day and the MCC beat German CC to join them.

And Zurich Nomads beat the Swiss U19s comprehesive enough to inch out Geneva for the 3rd /4th play-off place and to go on and beat German CC to finish in 3rd spot.

The wooden spoon match was between Idle (Lodi) CC and Lyceum Alpinum, while the MCC beat Milan by just one wicket in an exciting conclusion to the 2018 International Cricket Festival in Zuoz.

Tournament schedule & results

Zuoz International Cricket Festival (23rd & 24th June 2018)
Saturday 23rd June  
9am         Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                         Officials
Game 1 1 Lyceum Alpinum 141-7 lost to German CC 229-5 by 89 runs AM/AS
Game 2 2 Swiss U19s 145ao lost to Milan CC 147-4 by 6 wkts PdB/RK
Game 3 3 Zurich Nomads 141-4 lost to Geneva 143-3 by 7 wkts AK/ST
12.30pm  Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                                Officials
Game 4 1 The MCC 255-4 bt Lyceum Alpinum 139-5 by 116 runs AK/AM
Game 5 2 German 222-2 bt Idle (Lodi) CC 154ao by 72 runs RK/ST
Game 6 3 Zurich Nomads 217-5 bt Milan 213-5 by 4 runs PdB/AS
4pm         Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                              
Game 7 1 The MCC 198-6 bt Idle (Lodi) 106ao by 92 runs RK/PdB
Game 8 2 Geneva 220-4 bt Swiss U19s 91-9 by 109 runs AM/ST
Sunday 24th June  
Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                    
Game 9 1 Geneva 134-9 lost to Milan 135-7 by 3 wkts AM/PdB
Game 10 2 The MCC bt German CC RK/AK
Game 11 3 Swiss U19s 109-7 lost to Zurich Nomads 113-2 by 8 wkts AS/ST
Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                                  Officials  
Game 12 * 3 Idle (Lodi) CC v Lyceum Alpinum CC ST/AK

* Note: Game 12 ill take place immediately the first round of matches has been played.

Pitch Match, result & scorecard                                                                          
FINAL 1 Milan 171-7 lost to The MCC 152-9 by 1 wkt AM/PdB
3rd/4th 2 German CC 182-4 lost to Zurich Nomads 183-4 by 6 wkts AS/RK

About cricket at the Lyceum Alpinum

Lyceum Alpinum

Cricket has been played at the Lyceum for over ninety years and the school pitches, at almost 1800m above sea level, are thought to be the highest in Europe. The air is thinner (only 80% of the oxygen compared to sea level) and the UV is intense - so sun cream, hats, sun glasses and a cricket jumper are all a must!

Milan CC
Milan CC
Lyceum Alpinum
Lyceum Alpinum

Further information

You can view photos of thee tournament in the Cricket Switzerland website gallery.


Should you require any further information on the International Cricket Festival in Zuoz contact either Paul Miles or Alex Mackay

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