2018 Village Cricket Fun Day report

Saturday 11th August 2018 at Grindelmatte, Riehen/BS

Greetings from Village Cricketers Grendelmatte Family Funday that took place in Riehen 2018.

A new mixed family team from Luzern joined in the fun to enjoy the very entertaining and friendly competition at this year's Village Cricket Fun Day in Riehen.


The results of the competition were:


1. Neenas Family Team Blues
2. Riehen Goldie Funlovers
3. Grendel Family Fun
4. Papa Devids New Generations

Our appreciation to our sponsors, particularly Basler Zeitung, to Papa Devid and all the families that made the Village Funday 2018 such a success.


The next edition of the Villagers Family Funday is scheduled for Saturday 10th August 2019. Same place, same conditions and more fun loving teams and next generation villagers.

More information

Further information is available from Village Cricket organisers Devid Vaid  (tel.: 076 520 36 39).