U19 International tournaments

Berlin, 27th - 31st July 2017

Cricket Switzerland

Cricket Switzerland have agreed to attend an U19 cricket festival in Berlin from 27th July - 1st August 2017.

Organised by the DCB there will be 5 days cricket from U19 teams from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium & Norway on the Maifeld cricket grounds.


The festival begins with a two-day U19 Twenty20 round-robin tournament, followed by a three-day touranment in an ODI 50 over format.


Match schedule

Date Time Format Match
Thursday 27th July 10.30am T20 Germany v Switzerland
  10.30am T20 Norway v Belgium
  3pm T20 Germany v Belgium
  3pm T20 Norway v Switzerland
Friday 28th July 3pm T20 Germany v Norway
  3pm T20 Switzerland v Belgium
Saturday 29th July 10.30am ODI Germany v Belgium
  10.30am ODI Switzerland v Norway
Sunday 30th July 10.30am ODI Germany v Switzerland
  10.30am ODI Norway v Belgium
Monday 31st July 10.30am ODI Germany v Norway
  10.30am ODI Switzerland v Belgium
Participating teams in U19 tournament in Berlin (27-31.7.2017)

Eligibility of players

International Cricket Council

In line with the ICC regulations (date of birth matrix) the cut off date for players is 1.9.1997.

Also under consideration is the DCB's suggestion that all players must have full residency (no ongoing asylum requests) and have lived for at least two years in the country from 1.9.2017.

Further information

Deutscher Cricket Bund

More information is available from Patrick Henderson or Simon.