swissFOCUS AGM report

Berne, Saturday 29th April 2017

Swiss umpire, Alex Mackay, at the DBMT match (23.4.2017)
Swiss umpire, Alex Mackay, at the DBMT match (23.4.2017)

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Federation of Cricket Umpires & Scorers (swissFOCUS) took place at the Pickwick Pub in Berne on Saturday 29th April.

Clive Denney was re-elected as Chairman, Abraham Koshy as vice-Chairman and Paul Cawsey as Honorary Secretary. Clive Denney also re-assumed responsibility as Treasurer.

In addition Krishna Adhivarahanand was elected to support Alex Mackay in the umpiring allocations, Alex Mackay as Director of Umpiring and Miriam Lodge as Director of Scoring.


The meeting decided unanimously to retain the annual membership fee at the current Fr 25.-.


Other challenges facing swissFOCUS was the requirement to cover an ever increasing number of allocations, both domestically and internationally, and the necessity of supporting the large number of new umpires.

A successful training programme and the introduction of common officials kit to install a neutral & professional image was assisting greatly, but the shortage of experienced umpires remained.

A third Introduction to Umpiring course was announced for Saturday 27th May and the intention of running an ECB ACO Level 1 with the ICC at the end of the forthcoming season.


Finding qualified scorers was also proving a challenge and plans for a Swiss-based correspondence course, due to be announced soon, would hopefully address this.


Finally, Geneva Cricket Club were awarded the 2016 Spiirit of Cricket Award.