Swiss Olympic membership

At the 21 meeting of the Sport Parliament, Cricket Switzerland's application to become a member of Swiss Olympic, was accepted - membership begins 1st January 2018.

In an exclusive interview Alexander Mackay, President of Cricket Switzerland, spoke positively of this development. “We were notified of the decision by text on Friday evening by Cornel Hollenstein, vice-President Swiss Olympic. This is a very exciting development. The Cricket Switzerland Executive and it's members have worked very hard to develop cricket in such a way that it met the stringent membership criteria of Swiss Olympic and in turn become a serious and well run organisation with the interests of cricket at heart.

I thank Swiss Olympic for their support and the Sport Parliament for allowing us to become a member of the family of sports in Switzerland, in turn recognising cricket as a Swiss sport. We are confident that Swiss Olympic membership will assist us to make cricket a stronger sport in Switzerland, opening new doors for financial support to improve facilities nationwide for the benefit of the sport and for Switzerland.” 

About Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic is a non-profit umbrella organisation for all National Sport Organisations in Switzerland. It works closely together with the Bundesamt für Sport (BASPO) to promote & promote sport in this country.
Further information about Swiss Olympic can be found on their website.