Sponsorship & Publicity Report 2016

By Rajan Thambehalli

Cricket Switzerland

The year 2016 was an interesting year for Cricket Switzerland.


The brand ‘Cricket Switzerland’ through publicity on social media and off the pitch resulted in SRF covering the federation in June. The event was televised throughout Switzerland and was much appreciated by the Swiss public as they got a glimpse of what ‘cricket’ is all about.
Cricket Switzerland has embraced ‘Instagram’ – the popular social media site in addition to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +
However, we need to craft stories and the material is with the club members. A little effort in sharing photographs, videos and embracing the social media platform of Cricket Switzerland will go in a long way to highlight the work Cricket Switzerland has been doing.
Although there weren’t any sponsors lined up during the cricketing season, the great publicity work acted as a catalyst in having ‘SwizT Watches’ as Cricket Switzerland’s official time keeper for 2017 and as a sponsor for the national team.
The money has been paid upfront for this year and the management at SwizT Watches are in look out for a long-term partnership with Cricket Switzerland.
At the same time, it would need continued support from all the clubs and its members to promote or utilise the products of our sponsors. This will result in a win-win situation and create a template to attract future sponsors to invest in Cricket Switzerland and its activities. 
There is still more work to be done and with the bifurcation of Sponsorship and Publicity roles starting from 2017, one can expect more productivity and fresh thoughts in marketing the brand of ‘Cricket Switzerland’.

Rajan Thambehalli
(Sponsorship & Publicity, Cricket Switzerland)