Leman Cup U11 2017 Report

Cossonay, 3 September 2017

Schweiz 137-7 (Sasha 20*, Danyal 15*; Will 2-14, Katie 1-13) bt

Suisse 67-8 (Aiden 8*; Sasha 3-1, Andreas 2-4, George 2-8) by 70 runs

Blue skies greeted visitors to Cossonay for the 2017 installment Leman Cup. This fixture traditionally opens the new season and pits a “Schweiz” side made up from clubs from the East of Switzerland (Basel Dragons, Zurich Crickets) against a “Suisse” side from the West (Cossonay, GRYCC, Gingins, La Chat). It is a great opportunities for players to put aside their local club rivalries.

The pitch at En Marche for the U11 Leman Cup 2017
The pitch at En Marche for the U11 Leman Cup 2017

With the outfield drying rapidly, Danyal (ZCCC) won the toss for Schweiz and decided to bat first in the 10-a-side T20 match. Sasha (ZCCC) and George (BDJCC) opened the batting and faced Ryan’s (Cossonay) leg-breaks. They both played watchfully against the tight bowling but managed to work the singles. Kai (La Chat) brought pace for the second over and went for only a single from the bat, but his pace meant a wide went to the boundary. Leo (GRYCC) tightened things up with his over, only going for one. Next brought left-arm over with Medansh (Coss) and then Katie (Gingins). Looking to force the pace George missed a good ball from Katie and was bowled. This brought Danyal to the crease, and he got himself off strike with a single. Sasha then hit Katie for the first boundary of the innings, and managed a two with a drive to extra cover off Tom. He retired (on 20 balls), bringing Shankar (ZCCC) to the crease who immediately looked to score and managed a couple of twos, as did Danyal at the other end. This came to an end when Shankar called for a second off a misfield and was run out by Aiden (Coss). At just over the half-way point Schweiz were at 73-2. Ben (ZCCC) came out and found the accurate bowling difficult to get away, but never looked like getting out, including a tighter maiden over from Kai. Danyal managed a four off Ryan before retiring. Austin (ZCCC) joined Ben, but was quickly out caught off Will (Gingins). Andreas (ZCCC) kept out a few balls before being trapped in front. Yash (ZCCC) made a single before tight fielding saw him run out, and similarly Leonie (BDJCC) with a fantastic direct hit by Medansh from square leg. Austin came out again to make the 10th batter, and lasted longer making three singles before also ending up run out. Sasha came back out and looked to up the scoring rate, with aggressive running. Ben retired bringing Danyal back for a few balls. Wides and no balls were rebowled in the last two overs, and tiredness affected Will and Kai meaning Schweiz finished on 137-7.

U11 Leman Cup 2017 - The two teams and coaches after the match (3 Sep 2017)
The two teams and coaches after the match (3 Sep 2017)

Kai and William came out showing intent to go for their runs, with Kai hitting Danyal for a boundary. After missing a couple of balls from Sasha’s first over, Sasha struck bowling him on leg stump. Rod followed with Sasha hitting middle for a double wicket maiden. William managed a boundary off George before he struck. The wickets continued in Andreas’ first over. Ryan hit him for a boundary, and then could only chip the ball to Sasha. Tom ended up run out and now Suisse were on 19-5. Ben followed up with a maiden with Aiden and Katie at the crease. Katie managed a single off Austin’s over, before another maiden from Yash. Sasha came back on to bowl, and Aiden got himself off strike with a single. Sasha followed with an outswinger to the left-handed Katie and took a thick edge which Danyal snaffled just above the grass at 2nd slip. Aiden and Medansh managed a single each off Leonie and Danyal. After a change of keeper (Sasha in for Shankar), George bowled Medansh for a wicket-maiden. Leo saw out Shankar, and managed a single, before Andreas had him caught by Yash and another wicket maiden. This left Aiden and Max at the crease with 7 overs to see out, which looked unlikely. However they batted well, kept the ball out and took sensible singles off Ben, Austin, Yash, Leonie and Shankar. Suisse finished on 67-8.

U11 Leman Cup 2017 winning Schweiz team (l-r): Leonie, Shankar, Sasha, Andreas (behind), George, Danyal, Ben (behind), Austin
U11 Leman Cup 2017 winning Schweiz team (l-r): Leonie, Shankar, Sasha, Andreas (behind), George, Danyal, Ben (behind), Austin

The Schweiz U11s continued their winning form, but Suisse showed some good bowling and excellent fielding with a number of direct hits. Will, George and Andreas all bowled well, taking two wickets each. Danyal batted well for his 15* and took a stunning catch, as well as captaining the Schweiz side. Player of the match was awarded to Sasha for 20*, and amazing figures of 3 wickets at the cost of one run, as well as a catch.

Thanks go to Jon and Antony of Cossonay for hosting, as well the lovely food and drink put on. Thanks to the parents for making the (in some cases over 3h) journey and supporting junior cricket in Switzerland!