Annual General Meeting

Cricket Switzerland will hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 18th February 2017 at Restaurant Egghölzli (Weltpoststrasse 16, 3015 Berne) beginning 1.30pm.


While the AGM will deal with electing a new executive and accepting new clubs to the association, a Council Meeting that will immediately proceed the AGM will deal with the plans for the forthcoming season, including amendments to league rules.

Proposed agenda

A proposed agenda for both meetings was distributed to club representatives in adherence with the constitution.

Saturday 18th February 2017 beginning 1.30pm
RESTAURANT EGGHÖLZLI, Weltpoststrasse 16, 3015 Berne

  1. Opening of the Meeting
  2. Adoption of the Agenda
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Adoption of the Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting
  5. Approval of the annual reports of the Executive Committee Members
  6. Approval of the Auditors’ reports
  7. Discharge the outgoing Executive from their obligations
  8. Approval of amendments to the Constitution
  9. Election of the Members of the Executive Committee
  10. Election of the Auditors
  11. Election of the Members of the Competitions Committee
  12. Approval of the 2017 fees
  13. Approval of the 2017 budget
  14. Admission to Cricket Switzerland Associate and Affiliate Membership
  15. Membership of sporting organisations
    -        International Cricket Council
            Swiss Olympic
  16. Any other business
  17. Close of Meeting

Officers' Reports

Read the officers' reports published prior to the Annual General Meeting: President; Honorary Secretary; International Manager; Competitions' Chairman; Youth Development; Women's Development; Sponsorship & Publicity.

More information

For further information regarding either of these meetings, please contact the association's Honorary Secretary, Mr. Ken McKeown.