Geneva clubs establish AGC

On 7 June 2017, different clubs of the Geneva region gathered to discuss and establish the Association Genevoise  de Cricket (Genevan Cricket Association or AGC).

Canton of Geneva

The initiative came to life when Darius Rao, player at the Geneva Cricket Club, realised that there is great potential to tap in around Geneva. None of the seven local cricket clubs work together and many cricketers, including youth players, ask constantly for improved facilities and training opportunities.

So why would not Genevan cricket clubs join hands and start building up something together? The lack of common vision in cricket ib this area hampers its development, plus the local authorities provide great opportunities to support sports associations. Moreover, cricket was one of the very few sports not being represented by a single and cohesive entity.

The AGC was thus founded to respond to some of the needs and issues that local teams face. It aims at promoting, organising and developing the practice of cricket by bringing together the various clubs of the Geneva region. In specific terms, the AGC is looking to defend the interests of its members vis-à-vis the local authorities, advocate for improved infrastructures, develop local tournaments as well as programmes for youth and women. Coordination with Cricket Switzerland is key for success, as the AGC wishes to play a complementary role with the main cricket body in the country.

The Geneva Cricket Club and the Geneva Region Youth Cricket Club are the founding members of the AGC. Whilst it is expected that other clubs will join the Association in a short span of time, we are calling all clubs in the Geneva basin to get in touch with us. The stronger, the better!

Stay tuned for news as the AGC is in the process of organising an inaugural event in September/October, as well as developing a website, a logo and many other concrete things to cater to the needs of its members and potential members!

Please contact Darius Rao for any enquiry regarding the AGC (admission procedures, projects, etc.).

Many thanks to Cricket Switzerland, the Association Genevoise des Sports and various club leaders for supporting the initiative.

Darius Rao
President of the Association Genevoise de Cricket