Suisse Romande U11 report

Cossonay, Sunday 2nd October 2016

by Michael Hall (ZCCC U11 coach)

Michael Hall reports on Zurich Crickets participation in the Suisse Romande U11 tournament between themselves, Gingins, Basel Dragons & Cossonay on Sunday 2nd October 2016.

The sun was shining in the morning for the Suisse Romande competition (making a nice change from the rain that affected the U13s the day before).

Teams from Basel Dragons, Cossonay, Gingins and Zurich Crickets met at Cossonay for a day of outdoor cricket. With only one day and four teams, the format of two “regional” semi-finals plus a 3rd/4th play off and a final was used, ensuring everyone got two games.
Six players from Zurich made the trip down, so the team borrowed Adarsh, Mycroft and Husna from GRYCC for both their games, as well as one or two more to make up the 10 or 11 needed. The format was 18 overs in the semi-finals and 16 overs (to make up time) in the 3rd/4th play off and final.

The winning Zürich team

The winning Zürich team

L-R: Adarsh (GRYCC), Shankar, Andreas, Alexander, Esa, Sasha, Mycroft (GRYCC), Owen*, Husna (GRYCC), Luke (Gingins)

East Semi-final: Basel v Zurich

ZCCC U11 40-6 (Owen 10*, Sasha 4*; Charlie 1-3) bt BDJCC U11 39-4 (Charlie 5*,; Owen 2-8, Sasha 1-1) by 3 wickets

Owen won the toss and elected to field. Charlie got off to a great start hitting him for four (not easy with a lush outfield) and a single at the end of the over eto retain the strike. Sasha was accurate from the off and bowled him first ball, and then didn’t concede a run in his opening two over spell. 
 Adarsh (GRYCC) and Esa followed and kept things tight, with Quirijn and Will managing a few singles and scampering a bye before going on to retire. Shankar bowled accurately and quickly, and Andreas bowled George with a dragged down double-bouncer before following up with a maiden. Mycroft (GRYCC) bowled accurately and Husna (GRYCC) improved despite being new to the game.
With wides and no-balls being rebowled in the last two overs, Owen brought himself back on. Ryan found his pace difficult to deal with and was hit twice on the pad, although not straight enough for LBW. Owen adjusted his line for the third ball and this time Ryan had to go. Xander saw off the next ball before Owen bowled him. Sasha took the ball for the last over, and Matthijs managed a single off the first ball leaving Nevzad (GRYCC) to see off the rest of the over leaving Basel on 39-4.
Needing 2.22 an over, Owen and Sasha got off to a good start, running hard. Owen almost found the fence a couple of times but had to settle for twos. Owen retired on 10, and Sasha on 4. Adarsh scored a few singles before holing out, and Shankar was bowled first ball, bringing together Andreas and Esa. The found it difficult to get the ball away, and when they did judging the running was hard (including Andreas insisting it wasn’t his call as the ball went fractionally behind square!) Eventually he was out bowled, and Esa retired on 2 (in his first competition). Mycroft and Alexander came and went quickly, bringing Husna and Thomas (Gingins) to the crease. Looking for the winning runs, he ran her out without facing a ball, which brought Owen back. The innings came to a somewhat unpleasant close with a no ball which then pitched awkwardly and hit George in the face. Fortunately he was okay, bruised and a bit shocked.

Final: Gingins v Zurich

ZCCC U11 50-2 (Shankar 7*, Sasha 4*; Alex 1-7, Ethan 1-10) bt Gingins U11 49-6 (Ethan 8, Thomas A 5*; Sasha 2-2, Mycroft 1-1) by 1 run

Owen’s record at the toss ended, and Ethan elected to put Zurich in to bat. Owen and Sasha saw off Ethan’s quick bowling, and took every opportunity for running on wides, before getting away. Owen was finally bowled by the returning Ethan just before retiring. Sasha retired on 4* (confusing everyone as he knew it was his last ball, and walked off after an LBW shout was turned down!) Adash stuck around for longer and made 2 before being bowled by Alex. Shankar got off to a much better start, and hit a couple of big shots that almost went for four. Andreas improved his running and after a hesitant start managed two off the last ball of the innings, leaving Zürich on 50-2 from the 16 overs.
Needing to defend just over 3 an over, the bowling didn’t get off to the best start, with Owen bowling a leg side wide that ran all the way to the boundary, but he tightened it up after that. Sasha was again accurate, bowling Mushaar and then Bron and only going for 2 runs in his three overs before taking the gloves. A good throw in from Owen to Sasha at the bowler’s end resulted in Rory being run out. Gingins were reeling on 9-3, but had the big hitting Ethan at the crease. In an attempt to get him out, Owen risked bowling his last over too, but in the end it was Mycroft who had him going for a big heave knowing he was about to retire (after hitting Adash for 4). Needing to use all the bowlers, Luke (Gingins), Hussa (much improved) and Alexander all went for 4, and Esa again surprising everyone with his pace, going for only 2 in his over.
This left Gingins needing 9 off the last two overs. Owen threw the ball to Shankar for the first. Unfortunately the pressure got to him a little and he bowled two wides and a no ball. One shot from James B to square leg would have been a certain boundary if Owen hadn’t got his fingers to it, and he restricted it to 2. That left the last over with Gingins needing 3 runs to win, and Andreas (second youngest in the squad) to bowl it. Seemingly impervious to the pressure he bowled three dots, backed up by great fielding. Thomas L took a single. Gingins needed 2 off 2. Nails were bitten. In the attempt to get over the line, both he and James B were run out off the last two balls, leaving Gingins agonisingly short on 49-6 and Zurich winning the competition!


Zurich’s strength continues to be bowling with only 23 extras conceded in the 22 overs bowled by the Zurich Crickets, and 5 of those being maidens. Sasha’s performance stands out, with his nagging left-arm inswingers making it difficult to get the ball away, and if the batsman misses he’ll likely hit. He didn’t concede an extra, and bowled four of those maidens and finished with tournament best figures of 6-4-3-3. It is never easy bowling at the end when wides will be re-bowled, and the opposition only needs three. Andreas (the second youngest of the team) didn’t let that faze him and his accurate off spin ensured Zurich won the competition. Esa, the youngest in the team, surprised the opposition bowling quickly and accurately.
In the batting department, Owen again showed his class and looked in complete control. His only dismissal was on the brink of retirement looking to hit Ethan over the boundary. His bowling was also quick and accurate. Shanker also showed what he can do in the final, batting sensibly before some bigger hits and great running.
The fielding was was patchy at times, particularly when the temperature dropped, but when the pressure was on in the final, the Crickets came together and took three run outs and cut off singles to ensure the pressure was kept on.

Final standings
1. Zürich Crickets

2. Gingins

3. Basel Dragons

4. Cossonay
Many thanks to Jon and Cossonay for hosting the tournament, and to everyone that came and played in great spirit. Also thanks to the GRYCC players Adash, Mycroft and Husna that made up the team as well as the other “guest” players.  Thanks also to Ian for scoring and Grant for coaching.