U11 Leman Cup Report

Cossonay, Saturday 3rd September 2016

Schweiz U11 117-5 (Owen 18*, Greg 10; Alex 1-10, Ethan 1-14, Thomas G 1-17) beat

Suisse Romande U11 76 all out (Ryan 14, Thomas A 5; Owen 3-13, Matthijs 2-6) by 41 runs

[winning runs scored in 12th over]

Report by Michael Hall (ZCCC) & Jonathan Graves (Cossonay)

The season opener for the junior cricket calendar sees players from the East Switzerland clubs (Basel, Zurich) playing as Schweiz against the West Switzerland clubs (Cossonay, Gingins, GRYCC) as Suisse Romande at Cossonay for the Leman Cup. The match is a great opportunity for the players to put aside their local club rivalries and play together.

A beautiful morning greeted the teams for the 20 over match (11 a side, with 12 batting), and Owen (ZCCC) won the toss for Schweiz and elected to field. He and Sasha (ZCCC) opened the bowling. Thomas A (5, Gingins) latched onto a ball from Owen and the quick outfield ensured it ran away for 4.

Owen came back with his second over however and bowled him. Ryan (Cossonay) found the first of his boundaries off Sasha and later went on to hit a massive 6 into the football pitches. A smart bit of fielding by Andreas (ZCCC) saw Bron (Cossonay) run out for 2. After the brief flurry, Ryan and Thomas G (Cossonay) consolidated, and saw out some accurate and pacy bowling from Charlie (BDJCC), Shankar (ZCCC) and Maxwell (ZCCC).

The Suisse Romande team
The Suisse Romande team

Maxwell’s relaxed approach to the crease belies his pace and somehow he extracted enough bounce to hit Ryan on the shoulder, fortunately without hurting him. Danyal’s (ZCCC) first over was uncharacteristically wild with 3 no-balls, a wide and Ryan hitting that towering 6, with Suisse Romande recovering to 44-2 off 7 overs. Andreas (ZCCC) then bowled a tight over of off-spin to reapply the pressure, which George (BDJCC) followed up with having Thomas G caught by Owen coming in from the boundary trying for force the pace. Xander (BDJCC) also kept the runs down, before Matthijs (BDJCC) took two wickets bowling both Ethan (Gingins) and Adarsh (GRYCC) in his only over! Ryan (BDJCC) also kept things tight, before the bowling returned to the older boys. Owen brought himself back on, and this over ripped out the middle/lower bowing Matthew (Cossonay) and Thomas H (Cossonay) and having Max run out. Shankar followed suit, bowling Ben (Gingins) and then Danyal turned things around to bowl the returning Ryan with the first ball of his second over, leaving Suisse Romande on 76 all out after 17.1 overs.

Schweiz’s innings got off to a frenetic start with Sasha and Greg (BDJCC), and Sasha didn’t last long before calling for a suicidal 2. Thomas G made sure he paid for this with a direct hit. By this point however, the score was already 21-1 off 3 with Thomas G and Ethan initially (and unusually) struggling to find their line. Owen and Greg then consolidated.

The victorious Schweiz team with the Leman Cup
The victorious Schweiz team with the Leman Cup

They saw off a tight over from Bron before finding the boundary a few times. With the total approaching, Greg was told he had one ball to face before retirement, and went for a big heave. He missed and Alex hit, bringing Charlie to the crease. Owen continued serenely, and hit consecutive boundaries off Ryan including one glorious straight drive. After the drinks break at the 10th over, Owen retired and Maxwell joined Charlie. They found it tough going, with ever more accurate bowling but got over the line with a scampered bye in the 12th over. The coaches agreed to keep playing to give everyone a chance, and Ethan then showed what he is capable of, coming round the wicket and bowling Maxwell for a wicket-maiden. Shankar went without facing a ball, calling for a run with the ball heading to Thomas G. With Shankar’s bat still in the air, the stumps were again broken with a direct hit and he had to go. Picking up his pace, Thomas G found his line and bowled George. With overs running out the remaining batsmen were given an over each with Danyal, Andreas, Ryan, Xander and Matthijs seeing out the tight bowling, leaving Schweiz on 117-5 off the 20 overs.

Thanks to Cossonay for hosting this season’s opener and to the parents their commitment for bringing the players (in some cases for a 5h round trip), and of course for the boys for playing with great spirit and fun. The man of the match award was given to Owen for his 18 not out, 3 wickets (for 13 runs), 1 run out and catch as well as captaining the Schweiz side. Matthijs' contribution of 2-6 took two hitters out, all the more impressive for his age (just turned 8). Ryan was the stand out batsman from Suisse with some big hits and Thomas G in the field with two direct hit run outs. I look forward to seeing how this group of players develops through the year!